Wed Jan 24, 1945

Girls had dinner at Decatur Club for "Gen". Was really nice. Played bunco. Mr. Imboden sent beautiful bouquet. Got "Gen" chenille bed-spread. Sure liked it. Tony Brady died this morn. Mother out there today.

Tues Jan 23, 1945

Had cramps so didn't feel good. Went to sleep while writing letter to Duane this eve. So terribly lonesome. Called "Gen". Washed hair.


Mon Jan 22, 1945

Staying at Mother's this week. Went to shower for "Gen" at Dorothy's. Really liked brunch coat. Got lots of nice things. Duane came after me. He met all the girls. Didn't seem nearly as bashful as I thought he would. From there went to our first Macon Co. Tournament at D.H.S. gym. Argenta played Warrensburg and lost! Kind of a surprise and not a pleasant one! We're out now. Walked home. Duane went to sleep.

Sun Jan 21, 1945

Ironed. Duane came down in aft. Sat in car and talked. Came back around 6:30. Snowing hard. D.P. home. We picked "Nean" up in town after he left. She was crying. Went to the Empress. Two pretty good shows. Got in pretty early. Had better time than Fri.


Sat Jan 20, 1945

Got out at 2:20. Pretty early. Looked around at some suits. Got lb. & 1/2 of Fannie May chocolates. Grandma here for week-end. Talked to Harriet M. in dime store. Washed out some clothes. Wrote letter to Duane this morn. I was sure a stubborn little fool last night. Sure sorry. Home this eve.

Fri Jan 19, 1945

Stayed at Mother's. She had club this eve. Duane came rather late. Saw "None But the Lonely Heart." Went to sleep. Had sort of a quarrel, but Duane wasn't mad. I got mad & he just laughed at me. Didn't feel so good & that made things worse.

Wed Jan 18, 1945

Evelyn & I picked out brunch coat for "Gen". Really pretty. Came home after work. Martie & Edna here, & Harriet M. came for awhile after supper. 1st time had seen any of kids for a long time - especially Mart. Was swell. Tired. Go to bed early.



[Pictures have been added throughout.]

Wed Jan 17, 1945

Mother & I went out to Luetta's & Grandma's. Grandma gave me another crocheted rag rug. Sure pretty. Duane & I saw "Song of Russia". Very good! Came at Mother's, sat on davenport, & talked. It was really swell! Just talking to him is wonderful!

Tues Jan 16, 1945

Daddy took me in town to Mother's in eve. Washed my hair. Called Duane. Really was swell to hear his voice. Mother & I went to bed early. Evelyn & I saw Harriet T. & Harriet M. at noon.