Sun June 10, 1945

Daddy & Ruth's anniversary. Got up at 10:00. Ruth's folks & Doris here most of day. Duane came about 5:45. Took Dot & Zombie with us. They're getting married next week. Just rode around most of eve. Saw Don Ferrill -- just got home. Had a little talk and I feel much better. Parked near Oreana and Duane & I walked down the road. Was really dark. He's so sweet.

Sat June 9, 1945

Lorene & Lennie's wedding at 6:15. Was wonderful. Lorene really made a beautiful bride. I was kinda nervous but felt so happy. Had lots of fun riding over town. Reception at Gurner's (??). Duane came after me there. Leon & Barb with him. My bouquet was really pretty - roses. That's the kind of wedding I want.

Friday June 8, 1945

"Lennie" & Lorene at bank this morn. Are getting married tomorrow. Really made a darling couple. They took Gen & I out to Gen's house & then to Lennie's aunt's for lunch. Was really swell. Gen's dress really fits me swell. Had more fun. Called Duane this eve. to ask him to wedding. Don't know whether he can go or not.