We've been linked over and over! How exciting that Grandma's Diary is growing so. I'm thrilled!


Mon Mar 5, 1945

All Evelyn could talk about was Jack. He leave Tues. morn. "Gen" at bank - starts work tomorrow. Daddy started in nights this eve. Called Duane to see how he was. O.k. - he said. Rained & hailed. Read this eve. Really warm last few days.

Sun. Mar 4, 1945

At Edna's this aft. Edna, H.M., & I went walking. Like old times. Lyn here this morn., went with G. Malone last night. Must have been wonderful. D. & I went with Jack & Evelyn. Saw "Woman In the Window". Real good. Duane was sick. He didn't feel good at all. Laid with head in my lap & slept most of eve. He's so sweet. Had fun. To bed at 1:00. J. & E. swell.


Sat Mar 3, 1945

All Evelyn talked about today was Jack. I know he liked her a lot too. Don't know what she's going to do about Bob. Went to Mother's in aft. Washed hair. Edna here a while in eve. Grandma here for week-end. Wrote letter to Duane.

Fri Mar 2, 1945

Really had fun tonight. Evelyn & Jack went together on a "blind date" with us. Saw "Kismet". Loads of fun. They really seemed to like each other. Have a date for Sun. night. Went out to rock garden but couldn't go through. [At Nelson park perhaps?] Ate at The Five Hundred. Nice. Got to bed about 12:45.

Thurs Mar 1, 1945

Gone "steady" 21 mo. today. Evelyn & I bought cross for Dorothy for birthday. It's really pretty. Really nice out today. "Gertie" Elston here for supper & all eve. Edna Mae over for a while too.