Wed. Apr 25, 1945

Lennie called Lorene last night & they got troubles straightened out. Sure glad. Evelyn called me this aft. Talked to Daddy over phone. Have been reading book about love & marriage. Have learned a lot. Rained this eve. Ed M. got home for 15 days.

Tues Apr 24, 1945

Evelyn on vacation this wk. Seems funny without her. Duane & I went to program at A.H.S. Real good. Gosh, tonight was swell. We had talk. He know that I believe in him & I'm going to try to make him believe in himself. He wrote me a letter & oh, gosh, everything was swell.

Mon Apr 23, 1945

{Some of this entry I either cannot read well or I don't know what she is talking about, but I write it as I see it. If anyone has any corrections, please do let me know.

By the way, I'm back after almost a month away! We are all moved in and still getting settled. But we love our new home and town. Glad to be back here with you.}

Put V.J. in Sav. Dept. Oh boy! Don in Proof. Pretty busy & gosh am I tired this eve. Talked to Lorene this eve. She's a good moral builder. Kids all seemed to like my hair. Ruth baked checkerboard cake. Pretty.