Thurs Feb 22, 1945

Mother & I were uptown all afternoon. Tog new slip & pr. brown sandals for birthday. Had dress for Easter laid away. Came home this eve. (Washed hair at Mother's.) Now at Grandma's & Luetta's. Washed clothes, ironed, put up hair. (Bank closed.)

I absolutely love this picture. It's a colorchrome photo and it's rare (from my findings) to find photos in color from this time. Isn't she lovely?

Wed Feb 21, 1945

Evelyn & I slept at noon. Duane called & woke me up. Stayed at Mother's all night. Called Duane & asked him to come over but instead went with Glen & Mildred. Started out to Wallaces but had to come back because of fog. Played pinochle & ate ice cream. Well, it happened. I couldn't help it. Duane talked to met about a lot of things but just couldn't talk. Afraid for him to think that I believe him too much.


Word getting out . . .

Word has been getting out about Grandma's Diary. Total stranger stopping by and enjoying our past. I welcome all visitors because it's such an honor sharing our history, which is in a sense, is everyone's history. Check out the comments throughout, especially below the entry Grandma as a Little Girl. People are so kind!

Tues Feb 20, 1945

Duane and I had 1st date 2 yrs ago tonight.

Decided not to give letter to Duane. Daddy took Evelyn, Dorothy, Duane & I out to Maroa game at Arg. Won 40-31. Dance afterwards. Really had a wonderful time & so did the girls! Danced with Duane, Bob L., Johnny R., D., & C. So swell being there again. Evelyn thought John Rucker cute. We acted all silly & had such a swell time. Wonderful dancing with Duane again.

Mon Feb 19, 1945

Rather sleepy, but, oh so happy! Been humming a certain song all day. Duane called this aft. Made me feel so good! Said had been thinking of me and wanted to call. Told me that this is last week at coal office. Am so glad - and I know he is too. Wrote letter to him in eve. Hope that wasn't wrong thing to do. "Gen" at bank. Went out with her at noon. She's leaving for N.C. tomorrow morn.