Fri Mar 23, 1945

"Herb" said something would be done about Virginia. "Gen" talked to him again today. So warm - just spring weather. Swell. Sure tired - bet Duane is too. He's working in the fields. Washed hair this eve.

Thurs Mar 22, 1945

Had big mix-up at bank with Virginia, of course. Something has to be done. Went to Hard Times bank party at Decatur Club. Swell food & more fun! Sat beside Don & we laughed most of the time. Really had fun! Duane came after Dorothy, Evelyn, & I about 9:00. Went to Illini - Don Reid's orchestra. Good but not as good as last one. Really love to dance with Duane. We both acted like silly little morons. Really had so much fun. Took girls home from dance. To bed at 1:30.

Wed Mar 21, 1945

Really having mix-up at bank - (not us) - people getting moved around. Got letter from Bill Parr. He's at sea. "Gen" & I had pictures taken at dime store. Pretty good. Johnny L. got hurt this eve. Bought Easter cards. Evelyn hasn't heard from Jack yet. She's been so darn grouchy.
Grandma and two of her friends: Delores Ferrill & June Ater.


Tues Mar 20, 1945

Rainy, windy & cool today. Duane came about 7:30. Took his folks with us. Saw "Ladies Courageous" and "Gangs, Inc." Good. Had more fun!! Ate at Fletcher's. Leaving there Duane put his arm around me and his dad said, "Oh-oh, I see where I should have driven home." They're swell!