An award????

Wow, this is sooooo exciting!!

One of my very best friends, Alexis, an avid reader with a strong love for Grandma's Diary, has nominated it for a huge award, "The Best Blog of All Time"! This contest is a real thing and the winners will be announced in Orlando, FL at the Blogger's Choice Awards. What a huge honor this is to even be nominated. But what a tribute it would be to grandma if her blog WON!

To vote, all you have to do is go to this link ----> here or you can click on the Blogger's Choice Award badge in the sidebar, which will also direct you to it. Then once you arrive, just vote! You can only vote one time. So, once you do, if you feel this blog deserves it, pass the word along! It will only get votes if the blog is noticed and liked. So let's work hard to make grandma a winner, I think it would be really "swell"! (As grandma would have put it.) :c)

Added later *Anissa plugged me, so I'm plugging her (and thanking her!) for plugging me!*


Things that make you smile

I just discovered that Grandma's Diary has been linked yet again! It makes me grin from ear-to-ear. How exciting!! Thank you, Genealogue! See the article here <---- click on me.

Grandma, Nean & Barb

This is a neat picture because of the cars you see in the background, but mostly because it's grandma (on the left) with grandpa's sisters, Norma Jean ("Nean") & Barb.

Barb is in the hospital right now in Chicago as she suffered a brain aneurysm April 6th. She had surgery the following day (survived!) and is now in the ICU at Northwestern hospital. Cousin, Lori, has been posting updates on her condition at the blog she developed for Barb here.

I have a feeling Barb will come through this. I know these days right now are the most critical for her, and that the biggest fear is a stroke, but she is strong . . . she is a Wallace.

I mentioned in Barb's blog, in the comments section, that my dad (also a Wallace) suffered a brain aneurysm when I was in 7th grade. Reading it made a lot of memories come back for myself and for mom and I know even more so for dad. I am sure he can relate to what Barb is going through and I hope one day they can share their experiences. Dad was in ICU for 2 weeks and in the hospital total for 31 days. It's difficult to go back and remember this time, but at the same time I see it as encouraging because, as I said, Dad is a Wallace and he pulled through like most Wallaces seem to do! He has that diligence that Barb has along with a strong relationship with God, which I think (no, I know) is proof that she will get through this also.

Tues Mar 13, 1945

Warm again today. Supposed to have date but Duane called this aft. & said hadn't got brakes fixed on car so couldn't drive it. Of all nights - darn it! Really lonely this eve. Ruth & kids in town & Daddy working. Sat. got post card from Chicago saying "Guess who?" Duane said was John Rucker's writing.

Mon Mar 12, 1945

Oh, this spring weather! Gee, all I can think about is Duane. Oh, I hope he loves me, but he's just got to believe that he's the one for me. He just has to. Dale's name in draft list in paper today. Gee, I'm tired. Didn't get to bed till 1:30 this morn. Duane broke window in car. Wrote to him.

Sun Mar 11, 1945

Warm out. Got to see daddy. Duane came out at 5:40. Saw "Hollywood Canteen". Very good! Saw Dale, Edythe, & Gene T. there. Gene really looked good! Had quite a time tonight. Duane thinks he doesn't treat me right & that he's not the one for me . . . & that just won't work. I cried - said he couldn't stand it - said that his mother & I were 2 women he loved most in the world. Said lots of sweet things. But, golly, I don't know what to do.

{Dale is grandpa Duane's brother and Edythe is his girlfriend. Edythe and Dale will one day be married.}


Sat Mar 10, 1945

Really like spring yesterday & today. Went to Mother's after work. Laid down & slept till 5:45. Duane came after me about 8:45. Went to Illini. Dorothy & Evelyn there. Had fun but not as much as Tues. Felt that something was wrong.

Fri Mar 9, 1945

Evelyn sure talks about Jack a lot. She really seems to like him. Evelyn & I worked this eve. Had fun. She, Dorothy, & I danced a while downstairs after work in aft. Went to Mother's & stayed all night. Washed hair & to bed. Kinda tired.

Thurs Mar 8, 1945

Duane came down this eve. & we went to see "The Very Thought of You". Was really swell!! Reeally had a wonderful time! Ate at Park Inn. Sang songs & acted rather silly for a while, but, golly. Duane is wonderful!!!!!

Wed Mar 7, 1945

"Gen" talking about Jim & her wedding experiences. Wish I had some to tell. Evelyn saw Bob off this morn. She & I got pinafores alike this eve. Jeepers, wish Duane would call or would get a letter tomorrow. Had bank meeting this aft. about Red Cross. Washed some clothes, put up hair, and to bed. Stayed up till Daddy got home this morn.