Grandma, Nean & Barb

This is a neat picture because of the cars you see in the background, but mostly because it's grandma (on the left) with grandpa's sisters, Norma Jean ("Nean") & Barb.

Barb is in the hospital right now in Chicago as she suffered a brain aneurysm April 6th. She had surgery the following day (survived!) and is now in the ICU at Northwestern hospital. Cousin, Lori, has been posting updates on her condition at the blog she developed for Barb here.

I have a feeling Barb will come through this. I know these days right now are the most critical for her, and that the biggest fear is a stroke, but she is strong . . . she is a Wallace.

I mentioned in Barb's blog, in the comments section, that my dad (also a Wallace) suffered a brain aneurysm when I was in 7th grade. Reading it made a lot of memories come back for myself and for mom and I know even more so for dad. I am sure he can relate to what Barb is going through and I hope one day they can share their experiences. Dad was in ICU for 2 weeks and in the hospital total for 31 days. It's difficult to go back and remember this time, but at the same time I see it as encouraging because, as I said, Dad is a Wallace and he pulled through like most Wallaces seem to do! He has that diligence that Barb has along with a strong relationship with God, which I think (no, I know) is proof that she will get through this also.

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praying for Barb