Mon Jan 15, 1945

Had trouble with machine again. A busy day - pay day, too. Got 2 sweaters - aqua & fushia. Washed some clothes this eve. Wonder what "my honey" is doing - hope he's thinking about me.

Sun Jan 14, 1945

Pressed & ironed this aft. around here. Helen had baby girl this morn. Duane & I took Judy to show. Saw "Casanova Brown". Very good! Another one of the most wonderful eve. we've ever spent together. Duane kept teasing me & we laughed & "cut-up" awhile. Had the sweetest talk. Planned how we wanted our wedding. Gee, he can make me so happy!!!


Sat Jan 13, 1945

Had trouble with IBM. Buzzed all the time. Went to sleep when got home (Mother's). Went to chili supper & Gley's. Delicious! Mr & Mrs. Wallace (Barb & Jeannette H. also), Dale, Edythe, "Dane", "Nean", & little boy there. The baby is so cute and sweet. Has changed so much. They [arrow points to Mr. & Mrs. Wallace] brought me home. Had a swell time.

Fri Jan 12, 1945

Stayed at Mother's. Duane called me at work. He's a sweet little moron (just kidding). He had to work late so I went to his aunt's. We all went to dance at Empress Ballroom. Felt kinda bad as we left & walked home. They came after him at Mother's about 11:30.

Thurs Jan 11, 1945

Mother & P. Maynor went to St. Louis. Daddy came after me there. W.E. Duncan here. Got letter from Bill Pass. 1st time in ages. He's out of states. Wrote to "Zombie". My side has hurt today. Don't know why. Really tired this eve.

Wed Jan 10, 1945

Stayed all night at mother's. Duane & I went to see Stage Door Canteen. 2nd time for me, but still wonderful! We really had troubles. Mother had company & I was afraid. He couldn't help himself but I couldn't either. I don't have much strength against him. Had to say good-night. Will not forget tonight.


Tues Jan 9, 1945

Below 0 degrees. Elayne's shower this eve. Didn't go but sent gift with Harriet M. Washed & ironed. Mr K. told "Gen" could have job when comes back from Texas. Kids really teasing her about getting married. More fun! Would give a lot to be "in her shoes".

Mon Jan 8, 1945

Got card & gift for Elayne at noon. Snowed hard & blowing this eve. pretty bad. Wrote to Duane in eve. Sure lonesome.

Sun Jan 7, 1945

Read some of letters from Duane in afternoon. Duane came at 5:00. Saw "Arsenic & Old Lace". Pretty good. Had just a perfectly wonderful eve.! Couldn't have been more perfect. Got last night straightened out - talked about getting married. Golly, I love him.

Sat Jan 6, 1945

Got off 2:10. Went to mother's & washed hair. Duane came down this eve. but didn't go anywhere. He left before the folks went to bed & that sorta made me mad. 1st time we've ever said good-night when still mad. Don't like it. Grandma here.

Fri Jan 5, 1945

"Gen" & I worked tonight. Evelyn has been mad but got her in good humor this eve. "Gen" going to Texas latter part of mo. to marry Jim. Daddy came after me. Got invitation to shower for Elayne at L. Kilser's Tues. night.

Thurs Jan 4, 1945

Had blue dress laid back. Duane & I went to show with his aunt & uncle. Saw "Ghost of Canterville". Cute. Duane really thinks he will have to go when he's 18. We talked everything over. Just makes empty feelings inside to think of his going. Cried. Feel better now though. At mother's all night.


Wed Jan 3, 1945

"Son" White & Elayne Barclay married this eve. "Gen's" birthday. Evelyn & I got her slip. Looked all over for Daddy some overshoes this eve. but no luck. Announced that farmers to be taken into Service. I hope Duane doesn't have to go - not that he's better than anyone else but . . . I love him.

Tues Jan 2, 1945

Busy day but could have been worse. Cold - not windy like yesterday. Plenty tired this eve. - bet Duane is too. Fixed hair different. An awfully lonesome eve. - 2 whole nights yet. Listened to radio programs, put up hair, and to bed. Wish . . .


Mon Jan 1, 1945

(Please note - I type each entry as it is written exactly in grandma's diaries. Keep that in mind as you read each entry.)

At Lyn's till she left about 3:00. Duane down about 6:00. Took Edna & "Nean" to show with us. Had a long talk - had about 2 hrs. together before Duane left at 12:00. Our anniversary -- 1 yr, 7 mos. Really cold - awfully windy. Had a lot to do but didn't get much done.

This is for you.

It is for my family, especially my cousins, that I do this. Hope you enjoy reading pieces of grandma and grandpa's history as I know I will enjoy reading and typing it out for you. This is my gift to you. I think both grandma and grandpa would appreciate my sharing a small piece of their lives with you, and I think that is why grandma wrote in a journal, so one day we could live a part of her and grandpa's history. I am also planning on scanning every picture that I can for you and burning all onto a CD for all to have, even the great-grandchildren, if they so desire to have one. Enjoy this daily journey into our family's history. I don't think there are many families out there who have such an amazing collection of memories from generations past. We are really blessed. Thank you, Grandma.