Sun Apr 15, 1945

Ed M. home for today but didn't see him. Duane down awhile this morn. Had talk with Daddy this aft. about D. & I. Feel better now. We took John & Evelyn Rucker to show with us tonight. Saw "Lost in a Harem". Fair. Had a good time. Acted as if wasn't worried about anything, just having good time, & I didn't mention last night. Duane rather quiet. Asked me for date Wed. night. Oh, I love him.

Sat Apr 14, 1945

Ironed. At Edna's awhile this eve. Luther's here. Duane came about 8:15. Saw Bob Hope, M. Carroll in "My Favorite Blonde". Everything just "burst" tonight. Duane read that letter. Decided to "split-up" for a little while anyhow. Don't know what will happen. He just had to be sure. Cried so very hard & so did Duane. 1:45 when he left. Hardly slept all night long.

Fri Apr 13, 1945

Jeepers, what a day! Wrote letter to Duane. Told him exactly how things stand. I just don't feel that I can stand this much longer. Much news & comment about Pres. death. Edna here & Harriet M. brought me one of grad pictures. Really good!! Read & to bed. Rained.