Fri June 1, 1945

Two whole years!! My greatest wish is that we'll be together for many more years. Took "Dot" & "Zombie" with us. Went riding & walking around lake & park. Didn't get along too good though. I think we both tried too hard.

Thurs May 31, 1945

Really poured this morn. Evelyn & I got our pinafores at noon. Duane called & said wouldn't be down tonight. Joe Babcock & Donna Bradshaw home. Both look good. Ironed tonight. Free show tonight. Was kinda mad at first when D. called.

Wed May 30, 1945

Went to cemetery with Mother & Charles this morn. Dorothy, "Gen", Evelyn (was all right today), Lorene & I took our lunch & spent day at beach. Had lots of fun!! Really got a sunburn! Walked over to Hubbords from beach. Picture good. Took pictures at beach.

{I wonder if these are some of those pictures?}


Tues May 29, 1945

Got letter from "Dot". Fixed some clothes this eve. while waiting on Duane. He came about 9:00. Didn't go anywhere. Left about 11:00. Didn't get along so good. Evelyn & I "got into it" this morn. & she didn't speak to me all day. Just a bad day for me.

Mon May 28, 1945

Rather a dull day. Tired & this crazy cold's about to get me down. Lorene happy. Went to see Lennie Sun. Folks in town this eve. Washed & ironed. Duane called me about 9:30. Sure made me feel good!

Sun May 27, 1945

Went to cemetery this aft. Duane met me in town in "Zombie"s car. Went out to hospital to see D. Myers. She looks good. "Zombie", Duane & I went out to Duane's house. Ate supper. Went with Duane to get cows. He seems so happy. Went to show this eve. (All of us.) Took Helen Ferrill with us.

Sat May 26, 1945

"Zombie"s home! Really looked swell!! He & Duane came up to bank this aft. Got home late with Louise then went to Illini. Had a perfectly wonderful eve!! So much fun. Duane was so happy. More serious. Still a swell guy. Zombie seemed the same.

Fri May 25, 1945

"Gen", Dorothy, Evelyn & I got pinafores alike this eve. Dorothy & I worked. Had the craziest time. Lorene worked and ---- had fun. Daddy met me after work. Mother came in to see me at noon. Hadn't seen her for so long.

Thurs May 24, 1945

Evelyn & I looked at bathing suits at noon. Didn't get any. Duane came about 9:00. Went to fall show at Arg. Didn't stay long. Seemed funny with all the kids home. Took a walk. We acted so darn crazy. Had a lot of fun.