Fri June 1, 1945

Two whole years!! My greatest wish is that we'll be together for many more years. Took "Dot" & "Zombie" with us. Went riding & walking around lake & park. Didn't get along too good though. I think we both tried too hard.


Anonymous said...

I can sense her excitement
Jen at http://my3boysandi.wordpress.com/

Melinda said...

love it......my grandmother also keeps journals for every year.....she hides them in the garage. I want those I told her if something ever happened to her. She said she figured everyone would toss them. I would love to read about her thoughts and life from the time she was 13 and pregnant with my mom and married to grandma till present day (she is now 85 years old). What an amazing journey I am sure!

I think her journals would likely make a very good book....but I still have never seen one of them yet. She said sometimes she said some things about family members that were not always real nice. I hope there is nothing too awfully bad about me in there. BUT.....I told her that is what a journal is for.....to write down ALL your thoughts and ideas and dreams.....not just the sugar-coated ones.

I will definitely be back!