Who's Who?

I have had a lot of people questioning who certain people are. And so since we have so many people reading this blog now who are not related, I thought I would explain the names of the people mentioned (with any and all other information I feel could be pertinent) so you can grasp the "story" and get to know my Wallace-Duncan-Pope family better.

(If anyone has anything I can add, please email me. And if I have any facts wrong, please feel free to correct me!)

  • Grandma's first name is "Shirley"
  • Duane: grandma's boyfriend in the diary, who will later become my grandpa, or I guess I should say, I will later become his granddaughter!
  • Grandpa is a "Wallace", and the Wallace family are spoken of quite often. Grandpa had 7 other siblings with a very wide age range: Dale, Grandpa (Duane), Norma Jean, Barb, Mary Louise, Richard, Edwin, and Jack. Grandpa was the 2nd oldest, at around 18 yrs old, in the diary, and the youngest was Jack, who was born in December of '44 so he would be 2 months old.
  • Both grandma and grandpa went to Argenta High School
  • Grandma's mother (Nellie) and father divorced when my grandma was 5. She lived with her father (Mr. Duncan) in neighboring Oreana. Her dad was married to Ruth. Her mom will marry later (a great man I will get to know later as "grandpa Pope")
  • Grandma talks a lot of her friends: "Gen", Dorothy, Evelyn, and so on . . .
  • Grandma worked at Millikin Bank in Decatur
  • When this diary began, grandpa was working at a coal mine. Right now, in the diary, he is no longer working there. He will soon begin as a full-time farmer just like his father.
  • Grandma had two 1/2 siblings, Judy and Bud (will later have more)
  • Edythe is Dale's girlfriend in the diary and they will later marry
I am going to "sticky" this list in the side bar and update it as I need to. So check back!


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