1940's photo booth pictures

Here are more photo booth pictures. I just love them. I am not really sure of the time frame of any of them except for the ones of grandpa are from August of 1945. The girl is grandma. The one at the bottom left is grandma's little brother, Bud. Isn't he a cutie? Down in the "Who's Who?" post, I mention him.


Anissa said...

Matt looks a lot like Duane in the picture on the left, second down. In my opinion anyway!

it's me, Val said...

I did not notice it before but he REALLY does!! :) How neat . . . :)

Jen said...

your Grandma was pretty
this is something I have never done had photos taken in a photo booth

david santos said...

This fhotos are verynice. Thank you
have a good weekend