Valerie's Comments

So while helping mom and dad finish clean out grandpa's house, I found some more amazing pieces of Grandma & Grandpa's history. I found boxes of love letters between the two, cards to one another, etc. Also found some pieces of Grandma's mother's - like a log book of special events, other lists and notes, etc. Also found some things of Grandpa Pope's, including some astonishing pictures of when he was a baby and a toddler. I hope to post some of these pictures, love letters, log entries, etc., in the coming days, months, however long it takes me.

At the family gathering on the 30th, I was talking to my cousin, Joe, and his wife, Josie, and my cousin, Clint. We talked a lot about grandma's journal. I actually didn't realize they read regularly, which is very exciting to me. Something was mentioned about the entries and my taking the time to post them. To their surprise, and probably yours, I don't read the entries until I post them. I type as I read them. So it doesn't take much time at all and it makes my doing this that much more exciting and special. Just thought I would share that.

Well, I hope you all continue to read and enjoy the diary as much as I have been. We are learning so much about grandma and grandpa. I just love it. How lucky we are for grandma and her mother to have loved keeping journals and logs so that one day their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren would be able to learn about their extraordinary past.

A fabulous picture of grandma and her Mother ~ not sure of the date

Thurs Feb 1, 1945

Duane & I have gone "steady" 20 mo. today. Tried on cutest dress - only $29.75!! Came home this eve. Lady seems better. Don started Dorothy on "blotter". Wonder how "Gen" is? Evelyn smashed her finger Wed.

Wed Jan 31, 1945

Pay day. Got new pair pajamas & a brassierre. At Mother's again this eve. Duane & I saw "The Young In Heart". Fair. Got so mad at him tonight, but he just kept teasing me & had to get over it. "Gen" is supposed to be married at 6:00 pm.


Tues Jan 30, 1945

Guess "Gen's" in Texas by now. Duane called me this aft. Isn't working. Strained his back. Wrote to him & called him from Mother's this eve. Stayed all night at Mother's. Washed hair. Finished letter to Bill P.

Mon Jan 29, 1945

Don on "blotter". Sure seemed funny without "Gen". Really missed her! Wrote letter to Bill Parr at noon. Really snowed again. Tired & sleepy. Daddy brought "Lady" home. Poor little thing. ----- Bank examiners this wk.

Sun Jan 28, 1945

Didn't do much of anything. Letter from Duane - Swell! Duane came at 6:00. Saw "My Buddy" & "Babes on Swing Street". Fair. When in house Buddy got out of bed. He's the cutest "little man". Had swell time till Duane got ready to leave. Something inside me so that I could hardly stand for him to leave. He thought something was wrong. I love him!