Mon May 15, 1945

Got letter from Bill Par. Busy again & rained as usual. Duane met me after work. He took me home with him. Ate supper - went with him to do chores. Came home about 9:00. Folks in town. This is the most perfect & wonderful eve. we've had together in a long time. Golly, he's super & love is so wonderful & beautiful.

Mon May 14, 1945

What a day! Busy! Stayed all night with Lorene Z. Five of us girls wen to show at Avon - "Mom & Dad". Showed birth of a baby and all about venereal disease. Sure learned a lot of things. Very educational but really "got" me. Rained awfully hard. Lorene & I talked a long time in bed.

Sun May 13, 1945

Celebrated Judy's birthday. She liked her dress & everything. Edna & I went to Baccalaureate this morn. I drove our car. Duane down this aft. & I had on shorts. Ah-oh-. Really a nice day. Went with John & Evelyn. Saw "Winged Victory". Swell! Duane went to sleep with his head in my lap & I slept coming home. He's so darn swell!! Everyone sorta quiet tonight! Got along well.

{I just found another blog diary from the same time period in which the same movie was mentioned -- Winged Victory. What a neat find. Adding this site to the blogroll!}

Sat May 12, 1945

Went with "Gen" after work to buy pr. of shoes. To Mother's this aft. She liked Tabu. Duane came after me about 8:15. Went out & walked around carnival. Went to dance at Illini. Evelyn, John, Dorothy R & Paul Hupp there. It was swell. Ate at Steak n Shake. They were there, too. Really got along well.