Mon June 4, 1945

Mr. Spooner in hospital so I drove our car. Mother & Charles got troubles straightened out. Am sure glad! Lorene stayed all night with me. Sure had a lot of fun! Thinks maybe I may be her bridesmaid. Sure hope so.

Sun June 3, 1945

Duane called me twice today. Oh, happy day!! Grandma here. Talked to Lyn this aft. She just got home from school. Went with "Dot" and "Zombie". Saw " Irish Eyes Are Smiling". Had a swell time but sorta got mixed-up in som deep talk & I cried. Duane is awfully sweet.

Sat June 2, 1945

Got telephone put in. Pretty busy day. Mother met me after work. She & Charles are having trouble and Mother was up to see Judge Miller. When I got home Mrs. Wallace & cousins from Gary, Ind. here to meet me. "Nean", Barb & Theta (cousin) went to dance with us. Really had gobs of fun. I really like Theta. The whole eve. was really super. The way last night should have been. Harriet married today.