Wed July 11, 1945

Duane called this morn. Went to doctor for physical exam. Have to take douches and pills. Had blood test and everything. Went out to grandma's to see Aunt Jesse. She's really nice. [more about douches...]

Tues July 10, 1945

Girls at bank had picnic for Lorene at Nelson Park. Quite a bit of fun but sure tired. Lorene liked her dishes a lot. Danced at beach house. Spilled orange on Lorene's dress. Gen's swell. Stayed all night with Mother.

Mon July 9, 1945

Tired. Hair so sticky from water. Addressed invitations to shower. Ruth's kids in town. Wrote letter to Duane this morn & to Carl Riley this eve. Got letter from Wayne Morgan & card from Dorothy June. Bill Parr here few min. this eve.

Sun July 8, 1945

"Gen", Lorene, & I to beach at noon. Got sunburn a little. Saw Betty, Duane, Bob F., and Mugs Allsup came about 2:30. Went in water. Duane sure "ducked" me. Had so much fun!!! "Mugs" had to go home at 6:30 so the 3 of us went to show. Saw V. Johnson in "Between Two Women". Swell. Bob called us Mom & Pop & he was Jr. We're crazy little morons but we like it.