Wed May 2, 1945

"Gen" ill. Just Evelyn & I on machines. Not so busy though. Lennie called Lorene last night & asked her to marry him when he comes home but her mother objects. Sure hope they can. German troops in Italy surrendered*. Grand news! Duane down this eve! - he & John Rucker. Said he had been thinking of me all day. Said was great, asked me when we were going to be married. Said could hardly wait. Gee, I'm so happy ---- I just can't believe. Am almost afraid to. But I'm sure he wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it.

* and Hitler dead!

May 1, 1945

"Gen" & I both had headaches this aft. Evelyn & "Gen" at each other's throats - practically. Duane came down & we saw "When the Light Go On Again." Swell. Got along grand. I went to sleep in car. Duane was really sweet to me.

Mon Apr 30, 1945

"Gen" knew right away this morn. that something was wrong. Dorothy on vacation. Evelyn & Gen aren't getting along so good. Edna came over this eve. & I cut her hair. Wrote Duane a letter. Not at all like last one but just the way I feel about everything.

Sun Apr 29, 2007

Ruth really liked all of her gifts. Bought her whip cream cake. Duane called this morn. & wanted me to come out. We walked through the fields to Dale & Edythe's in aft. Their home is really darling. Had a super wonderful time today. Took care of kids this eve. Duane went to show (I had seen it), then came back here. Something happened - we just didn't "click" this eve. He couldn't say exactly what he meant & what he did say hurt my feelings. Started out to be a wonderful day but tonight wasn't so good. Sure tired.