Grandma as a little girl.

Not having much time to work on the diary itself lately, I thought I'd share even more pictures from the past. I am just so fascinated by them . . . I hope you are as well. These below are more of grandma as a wee one . . . hope you are enjoying.

Please leave comments below sometimes so I know who visits. (. . . please?!) All you have to do is click on "comments" which resides below each post. It will guide you to a comment window. I don't think you have to "sign in" unless you have an account. You can comment anonymously even. It's pretty self-explanatory once you hit the comment link. I'd love comments because you've got to be thinking something when you see these old pictures! This is our past . . . and if you aren't related, it's still your past. This is how our ancestors lived. I find it extraordiary. I hope you do, too. Please share - this site is for everyone and a way for us all to stay connected.

Love ya all . . .

Grandma, again, outside her home as a baby.

Grandma and her daddy. What a handsome man . . .

Grandma and her mother. She seemed so "proper". Some of you knew her. Tell me what she was like! (Wait, I think I posted this one before already . . . ah well . . .)

This old picture is one of my favorites. It shows so much. Look at the brick sidewalk, the tricycle, grandma's dress (how often do you see girls these days wearing stockings, mary janes and dresses when they play?), and the old wooden fence which you can see in the shadows. Priceless!

Yet again, the adorable toddler, our grandma.