Sat Apr 28, 1945

Ruth's birthday but isn't opening presents till tomorrow. Got off work pretty early. Wanda N., Dorothy, Evelyn, "Gen", & I went bowling. Duane & I went to Illini. Really had a wonderful time!! Though we did have a quarrel about my going bowling. Duane is just a little jealous. See it's swell to be dancing with Duane's arms around me. Tonight was swell!! Lots of kids there. Talked to Jackie Mc. Invited to formal dance at Champaign May 11.

Fri Apr 27, 1945

Dorothy P got word last night that her brother had been severely wounded. Wanda Nelson & I bowled a game after work - made 84. Washed hair & wrapped Ruth's presents. To bed about 10:00.

Thurs Apr 26, 1945

Just another day at work. Very light. Ringworm coming back on hand. Duane came about 7:30. Saw "Something For the Boys". Saw Evelyn & John, too. Duane didn't put arm around me in the show & hurt my feelings but didn't say anything. Otherwise the eve. was especially wonderful. I just can't believe that I'm not dreaming - if I am, I don't want to wake up. Talked about book. Duane took it to read.