{random photos}

{I'm sure all of these I have posted before, but it's sometimes fun to see them again -- enjoy! I am hoping after the holidays I can start scanning more again to share. It just takes so much time. I'm glad I have the opportunity just to post again. Thanks for all the positive feedback in reponse to "grandma's diary" coming back.}

Fri May 11, 1945

Lorene went with me at noon - bought dress for Judy's birthday & dickey for Ruth for Mother's Day. Evelyn & I worked this eve. Went to supper with Eileen Mc. She's a "scream". Got out about 8:30. Stayed all night with Mother. Washed hair.

Thurs May 10, 1945

Was sick this aft. Worse cramps I have had in ages. Evelyn sick. Dorothy is going with Paul Hupp Sat. night. Mrs. Miller was here this eve. Bought some cards up uptown. "Gen" & I to lunch together. She, Lorene & I talked after work.


Wed May 9, 1945

Duane came about 7:00 & (I was) just washing. Drove out by carnival, then to show. Saw "The Invisible Man's Revenge" & "I Belong To You". Everything was just about perfect tonight. We acted kinda silly part of time, but Duane was so sweet to me. Oh, I hope.

Tues May 8, 1945 V-E Day

Time cover on May 7th, 1945.

This is V-E Day. It's great but pray and hope for complete victory soon. My other wk of vacation is Aug 20-26. Finished letter to "Zombie" & wrote letter to Duane. Folks in town. Piece in paper about "Zombie". Got some Mother's Day cards.

Mon May 7, 1945

Rained & cool. Germany surrendered unconditionally but V-E day not proclaimed as yet. Wonderful news. Busy day! Got pictures taken 2 wks ago Sun. Real good. At Likins awhile this eve. Called Duane. I've been so lonesome!!

{Finally! Sorry. . .}

. . . for the delay with posting. If Grandma's Diary isn't out where I can see it, I absolutely totally forget to post. And then it's just been so so so busy. Just trying to get settled here in a new town while re-establishing my business, starting Noah in school and being a stay-at-home-mommy all at the same time has been pretty difficult and very time-consuming. We also just had 3 birthdays (Noah turnd 4, Maia turned 2 and Neil turned 31 - gasp!) all last week (within 7 days). On top of that we threw a housewarming/Halloween/birthday party. Even though the parties have been fun and memorable, I am so so so thankful October is almost over. Not to mention that it's been difficult remembering 1 year ago. I miss grandpa so much, as I know we all do. 2 years ago he held Maia for the firs time. Last year we told him goodbye. I can't believe it was just last year that I held his hand as he left us. Life goes by so fast and we need to remember to really savour every single second. Our life here on Earth is just a tiny fraction of eternity.

I really really hope I haven't lost too many loyal readers.

(Duane and Shirley's granddaughter)