Dealer's warranty and a WWII letter.

I still am in disbelief when I find the things I find that grandpa himself kept, like this dealer warranty from his first car. Hard to comprehend for those of us who today pay $15,000 plus for vehicles! Do you see the selling price? I bet he paid cash for it, too. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling they didn't do too many car loans.

Grandma actually talks of him getting this car back in her February entries.

And I love this picture of grandpa, standing in front of, what I believe is (maybe?), the same car. Fascinating, huh?
Then I came across these letters written to grandpa from Lazarre during WWII. Lazarre must have been a friend of grandma and grandpa's? Any family members know? I swear I remember them talking about him in the past. Even though the letter is from 1944, it's still so near this same time period. You can read them yourselves if you click on the actual photo of each page. Clicking on the image will make it larger and more readable.

The letters are quite funny. Lazarre must have been a man full of humor. No wonder grandpa liked him. He was always taken by people who could make him laugh :c) Read them . . . talk about fascinating . . .

Have a great weekend. I'm off to Chicago for my 32nd birthday!


Fri June 15, 1945

Daddy liked his present - shirt. We looked for Evelyn's present this eve. but didn't decide for sure. "Gen" & I worked. She was feeling kinda "blue" & cried but felt better then. Not so busy. Daddy & Judy met me. Sure tired. Have been reading book from show at Avon.

{more about the Avon theater's history - and hauntings - here and here!}

Thurs June 14, 1945

Didn't get to give Daddy his present today. Left work at 3:30. Wedding at 4:00 at Dot's house. Very nice. She looked so sweet. Joe, Donna, the newlyweds, & Duane & I ate supper at Greider's. Really had cars decorated up. Duane & I saw "Bring On the Girls" later in eve. Really had a swell time. At Mother's a while this eve. Called home.