Wordless Wednesday ~ "Daddy"

Grandma's daddy who she talks about quite often in her diary.


Sun Apr 1, 1945

Lyn's birthday & Easter. Went to S.S. Rained. Daddy gave me box of candy. Lyn home. Came home with me for a while. Did some sewing. We took Judy to show with us this eve. Saw "Here Come the Waves". Swell. Duane liked my dress but didn't say anything about hat. Have gone "steady" 22 mo. today. Got home early but Duane left about 11:00. Didn't get along so good. I just can't seem to believe that he really loves me.

Sat Mar 31, 1945

What a day! Really busy but had good luck. Got out about 4:00. Duane picked me up in town about 7:30. Rode around & went out to lake. He was talking to me about figure. Kinda made me feel good. Had fun. Went to dance at Illini about 9:00. Sure lots of kids we knew. Took Johnny R. & "Jackie" Mc to eat afterwards. Didn't get along so good after got home.