Flashbacks in time . . .

Russell Wallace, grandpa's daddy, I'm guessing the very early 1900's?? Amazing picture.

The heart of Decatur . . . what is now West Main and Main Street, where the Transfer House was originally located in 1914. It is no longer there; was moved to Central Park years and years ago. The Decatur City Council is working to have it moved back to this original location.

Grandma Wallace (Shirley) as a baby girl . . . 1930's, with her baby doll.

This picture is just the neatest to me because I drive down this street almost daily. It's Monroe Street where grandma Wallace grew up. Her house is the one right above the bulldozer with vines all over the front porch. This was when they tore up the brick road, in 1941, and replaced it with cement.
Grandpa and his first car, the Ford Deluxe.

Grandma and Grandpa . . . such a nice looking couple. I think this was taken on Monroe, in front of grandma's house . . . you can see how the street is no longer brick.

The Wallace clan in the late 1960's (I think that is the right time frame??). Can you pick out everyone? Click on the picture and it should pull up in another window much larger.

Grandma and grandpa's farm in 1974.

This was at Chris's birthday in 1984. Check out Matt's socks and Skoal hat! I love it! (Sorry, Matt, I just had to throw this one in!)

Grandma and grandpa in 1992 at my Uncle Barry's wedding. Still such a beautiful couple . . .


Sun Feb 18, 1945

Duane down this morn. for a while. He is sweet to me. Came later about 5:45. Saw "Doughgirls". Fair. Ate at Brook's. Duane played "You Always Hurt the One You Love". Sure made a lump in my throat. I know he meant it. He said for me to write in my diary - "Duane always hurts the one he loves and he hurt me." I'm beginning to hope again that things will turn out like I've wanted them to. Hope I'm right. He has been wonderful to me. Both sorta dazed (? cannot read her writing again) & almost broke the promise to myself. We neither one could help it. To bed at 11:30!

A picture of grandma with her mother.