Fri June 1, 1945

Two whole years!! My greatest wish is that we'll be together for many more years. Took "Dot" & "Zombie" with us. Went riding & walking around lake & park. Didn't get along too good though. I think we both tried too hard.

Thurs May 31, 1945

Really poured this morn. Evelyn & I got our pinafores at noon. Duane called & said wouldn't be down tonight. Joe Babcock & Donna Bradshaw home. Both look good. Ironed tonight. Free show tonight. Was kinda mad at first when D. called.

Wed May 30, 1945

Went to cemetery with Mother & Charles this morn. Dorothy, "Gen", Evelyn (was all right today), Lorene & I took our lunch & spent day at beach. Had lots of fun!! Really got a sunburn! Walked over to Hubbords from beach. Picture good. Took pictures at beach.

{I wonder if these are some of those pictures?}


Tues May 29, 1945

Got letter from "Dot". Fixed some clothes this eve. while waiting on Duane. He came about 9:00. Didn't go anywhere. Left about 11:00. Didn't get along so good. Evelyn & I "got into it" this morn. & she didn't speak to me all day. Just a bad day for me.

Mon May 28, 1945

Rather a dull day. Tired & this crazy cold's about to get me down. Lorene happy. Went to see Lennie Sun. Folks in town this eve. Washed & ironed. Duane called me about 9:30. Sure made me feel good!

Sun May 27, 1945

Went to cemetery this aft. Duane met me in town in "Zombie"s car. Went out to hospital to see D. Myers. She looks good. "Zombie", Duane & I went out to Duane's house. Ate supper. Went with Duane to get cows. He seems so happy. Went to show this eve. (All of us.) Took Helen Ferrill with us.

Sat May 26, 1945

"Zombie"s home! Really looked swell!! He & Duane came up to bank this aft. Got home late with Louise then went to Illini. Had a perfectly wonderful eve!! So much fun. Duane was so happy. More serious. Still a swell guy. Zombie seemed the same.

Fri May 25, 1945

"Gen", Dorothy, Evelyn & I got pinafores alike this eve. Dorothy & I worked. Had the craziest time. Lorene worked and ---- had fun. Daddy met me after work. Mother came in to see me at noon. Hadn't seen her for so long.

Thurs May 24, 1945

Evelyn & I looked at bathing suits at noon. Didn't get any. Duane came about 9:00. Went to fall show at Arg. Didn't stay long. Seemed funny with all the kids home. Took a walk. We acted so darn crazy. Had a lot of fun.


Wed May 23, 1945

Lorene & I went out together again at noon. Lorene & I took each other's picture. Looked at dresses. "Gen" still home. Late getting home this eve. Washed hair. Evelyn on warpath this aft. Don't know why. Guess mostly out of humor cause hasn't heard from Jack.

Tues May 22, 1945

"Gen" sick. Lorene & I went out together at noon. She's really swell. Wanda took Lorene's & my picture at noon. Ironed awhile. Just Daddy & I for supper. Duane came about 8:00. Got something to eat in Decatur and & then home. Nice day & he worked in fields. Was tired. Swell time.


Mon May 21, 1945

Daddy started to work days. Nice day so know Duane is working. Daddy took Ruth & kids to town. Was ironing when power went off. Wind storm. Put up hair in dark & went to bed early. Busy day. "Gen" still sick.

Sun May 20, 1945

Another nice day. Ironed. Didn't get up till 11:30 this morn. Didn't do much today. I went to birthday supper for Glen. "Nean", Edythe, & I had a little talk. Quite interesting. Very good supper. Nean, Dave, Duane, & I went to show. Saw "Main Street After Dark" "I'll Remember April". Good. Duane sweet to me as usual. Got into a little misunderstanding but is all right. Talked.


Sat May 19, 1945

Lyn here. Saw her after work this aft. She tok me out to Mother's. D.P. got home. "Gen" home. Went out to Luetta's & drove out to park. Nice day. Late getting home. Duane & I went to show. Saw "Ministry of Fear" & then to dance. D.P. & P.H., & J.R. & E.R. there. Talked to "Jackie" all night. Was tired this eve. & had a little quarrel but alas we've been getting along so swell. Keep fingers crossed.

Mon May 17-18, 1945

{These pages have been torn out of the diary. I would so love to know what they said, as do all of us. Unfortunately we will never know. . . }

Mon May 16, 1945

Got dresses from Hecht's. Lorene's mother fell at work & she had to go home. "Gen" got sick & had to go home. Sewed hem in one of dresses & washed my hair. "Zombie" must be in States cause sent telegram to his folks. Home anytime. Edna here a while.


Mon May 15, 1945

Got letter from Bill Par. Busy again & rained as usual. Duane met me after work. He took me home with him. Ate supper - went with him to do chores. Came home about 9:00. Folks in town. This is the most perfect & wonderful eve. we've had together in a long time. Golly, he's super & love is so wonderful & beautiful.

Mon May 14, 1945

What a day! Busy! Stayed all night with Lorene Z. Five of us girls wen to show at Avon - "Mom & Dad". Showed birth of a baby and all about venereal disease. Sure learned a lot of things. Very educational but really "got" me. Rained awfully hard. Lorene & I talked a long time in bed.

Sun May 13, 1945

Celebrated Judy's birthday. She liked her dress & everything. Edna & I went to Baccalaureate this morn. I drove our car. Duane down this aft. & I had on shorts. Ah-oh-. Really a nice day. Went with John & Evelyn. Saw "Winged Victory". Swell! Duane went to sleep with his head in my lap & I slept coming home. He's so darn swell!! Everyone sorta quiet tonight! Got along well.

{I just found another blog diary from the same time period in which the same movie was mentioned -- Winged Victory. What a neat find. Adding this site to the blogroll!}

Sat May 12, 1945

Went with "Gen" after work to buy pr. of shoes. To Mother's this aft. She liked Tabu. Duane came after me about 8:15. Went out & walked around carnival. Went to dance at Illini. Evelyn, John, Dorothy R & Paul Hupp there. It was swell. Ate at Steak n Shake. They were there, too. Really got along well.


{random photos}

{I'm sure all of these I have posted before, but it's sometimes fun to see them again -- enjoy! I am hoping after the holidays I can start scanning more again to share. It just takes so much time. I'm glad I have the opportunity just to post again. Thanks for all the positive feedback in reponse to "grandma's diary" coming back.}

Fri May 11, 1945

Lorene went with me at noon - bought dress for Judy's birthday & dickey for Ruth for Mother's Day. Evelyn & I worked this eve. Went to supper with Eileen Mc. She's a "scream". Got out about 8:30. Stayed all night with Mother. Washed hair.

Thurs May 10, 1945

Was sick this aft. Worse cramps I have had in ages. Evelyn sick. Dorothy is going with Paul Hupp Sat. night. Mrs. Miller was here this eve. Bought some cards up uptown. "Gen" & I to lunch together. She, Lorene & I talked after work.


Wed May 9, 1945

Duane came about 7:00 & (I was) just washing. Drove out by carnival, then to show. Saw "The Invisible Man's Revenge" & "I Belong To You". Everything was just about perfect tonight. We acted kinda silly part of time, but Duane was so sweet to me. Oh, I hope.

Tues May 8, 1945 V-E Day

Time cover on May 7th, 1945.

This is V-E Day. It's great but pray and hope for complete victory soon. My other wk of vacation is Aug 20-26. Finished letter to "Zombie" & wrote letter to Duane. Folks in town. Piece in paper about "Zombie". Got some Mother's Day cards.

Mon May 7, 1945

Rained & cool. Germany surrendered unconditionally but V-E day not proclaimed as yet. Wonderful news. Busy day! Got pictures taken 2 wks ago Sun. Real good. At Likins awhile this eve. Called Duane. I've been so lonesome!!

{Finally! Sorry. . .}

. . . for the delay with posting. If Grandma's Diary isn't out where I can see it, I absolutely totally forget to post. And then it's just been so so so busy. Just trying to get settled here in a new town while re-establishing my business, starting Noah in school and being a stay-at-home-mommy all at the same time has been pretty difficult and very time-consuming. We also just had 3 birthdays (Noah turnd 4, Maia turned 2 and Neil turned 31 - gasp!) all last week (within 7 days). On top of that we threw a housewarming/Halloween/birthday party. Even though the parties have been fun and memorable, I am so so so thankful October is almost over. Not to mention that it's been difficult remembering 1 year ago. I miss grandpa so much, as I know we all do. 2 years ago he held Maia for the firs time. Last year we told him goodbye. I can't believe it was just last year that I held his hand as he left us. Life goes by so fast and we need to remember to really savour every single second. Our life here on Earth is just a tiny fraction of eternity.

I really really hope I haven't lost too many loyal readers.

(Duane and Shirley's granddaughter)


Sun May 6, 1945

Swell day. Washed some clothes & ironed. Grandma here. Duane came about 6:30. Saw "To Have & Have Not". Pretty good. Saw Evelyn & John at Park Inn. Got along swell till got home. Duane was tired (took cattle to Pennfield this morn) & I don't know what was w rong with me but evidently something.

Sat May 5, 1945

Went to Mother's after work. Duane, John, Evelyn & I went to Illini. Out to Nelson Park first. Boys wouldn't go so Evelyn & I went walking. Duane got in my purse & made me mad. He really felt bad about it later. Evelyn & I dressed alike - wore new pinafores. Duane said was cute. Drove Duane's car in town so came home by ourselves. Got in about 1:00.

Fri May 4, 1945

Evelyn & I worked tonight. John & Duane met us. Went to Steak n Shake to eat. Got so mad at Duane. Even got out of car & cried -- I was so mad. It was a silly thing to do, but got everything straightened out & rest of eve. was swell. It really got John -- I don't think he's ever seen a girl cry before. I love Duane so much!

Thurs May 3, 1945

Jackie Mc called me this morn. about V-12 dance. Called Duane & talked to him about it but I knew he didn't want to go very much so I guess we won't. Wrote a letter to "Zombie". Has rained all day. Pinned up hem in Ruth's dress this eve. To bed early for a change.


Wed May 2, 1945

"Gen" ill. Just Evelyn & I on machines. Not so busy though. Lennie called Lorene last night & asked her to marry him when he comes home but her mother objects. Sure hope they can. German troops in Italy surrendered*. Grand news! Duane down this eve! - he & John Rucker. Said he had been thinking of me all day. Said was great, asked me when we were going to be married. Said could hardly wait. Gee, I'm so happy ---- I just can't believe. Am almost afraid to. But I'm sure he wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it.

* and Hitler dead!

May 1, 1945

"Gen" & I both had headaches this aft. Evelyn & "Gen" at each other's throats - practically. Duane came down & we saw "When the Light Go On Again." Swell. Got along grand. I went to sleep in car. Duane was really sweet to me.

Mon Apr 30, 1945

"Gen" knew right away this morn. that something was wrong. Dorothy on vacation. Evelyn & Gen aren't getting along so good. Edna came over this eve. & I cut her hair. Wrote Duane a letter. Not at all like last one but just the way I feel about everything.

Sun Apr 29, 2007

Ruth really liked all of her gifts. Bought her whip cream cake. Duane called this morn. & wanted me to come out. We walked through the fields to Dale & Edythe's in aft. Their home is really darling. Had a super wonderful time today. Took care of kids this eve. Duane went to show (I had seen it), then came back here. Something happened - we just didn't "click" this eve. He couldn't say exactly what he meant & what he did say hurt my feelings. Started out to be a wonderful day but tonight wasn't so good. Sure tired.


Sat Apr 28, 1945

Ruth's birthday but isn't opening presents till tomorrow. Got off work pretty early. Wanda N., Dorothy, Evelyn, "Gen", & I went bowling. Duane & I went to Illini. Really had a wonderful time!! Though we did have a quarrel about my going bowling. Duane is just a little jealous. See it's swell to be dancing with Duane's arms around me. Tonight was swell!! Lots of kids there. Talked to Jackie Mc. Invited to formal dance at Champaign May 11.

Fri Apr 27, 1945

Dorothy P got word last night that her brother had been severely wounded. Wanda Nelson & I bowled a game after work - made 84. Washed hair & wrapped Ruth's presents. To bed about 10:00.

Thurs Apr 26, 1945

Just another day at work. Very light. Ringworm coming back on hand. Duane came about 7:30. Saw "Something For the Boys". Saw Evelyn & John, too. Duane didn't put arm around me in the show & hurt my feelings but didn't say anything. Otherwise the eve. was especially wonderful. I just can't believe that I'm not dreaming - if I am, I don't want to wake up. Talked about book. Duane took it to read.


Wed. Apr 25, 1945

Lennie called Lorene last night & they got troubles straightened out. Sure glad. Evelyn called me this aft. Talked to Daddy over phone. Have been reading book about love & marriage. Have learned a lot. Rained this eve. Ed M. got home for 15 days.

Tues Apr 24, 1945

Evelyn on vacation this wk. Seems funny without her. Duane & I went to program at A.H.S. Real good. Gosh, tonight was swell. We had talk. He know that I believe in him & I'm going to try to make him believe in himself. He wrote me a letter & oh, gosh, everything was swell.

Mon Apr 23, 1945

{Some of this entry I either cannot read well or I don't know what she is talking about, but I write it as I see it. If anyone has any corrections, please do let me know.

By the way, I'm back after almost a month away! We are all moved in and still getting settled. But we love our new home and town. Glad to be back here with you.}

Put V.J. in Sav. Dept. Oh boy! Don in Proof. Pretty busy & gosh am I tired this eve. Talked to Lorene this eve. She's a good moral builder. Kids all seemed to like my hair. Ruth baked checkerboard cake. Pretty.


Sun Apr 22, 1945

Helped Daddy plant potatoes. Duane, Johnny, & Ed in Decatur in aft. Harriet M. came down & we rode around at Argenta. Talked to "D" & other kids. Fun! We went with John Rucker & Evelyn. Saw "Objective, Burma!" Good but oh .... Herb Hupp killed in action in Germany Apr 6. It's so awful. Duane & I got into it in eve. Didn't end very good.

Sat Apr 21, 1945

4 girls alone with no help at all. Got along good. Got out at 2:00. Don got letter saying doesn't have to go May 1st. Got hair cut real short this aft. Sorta like it. Duane calls me "Zip". We took Evelyn & Bob Ferrill with us tonight. Went out to Nelson Park. Went through rock garden & messed around. Lots of fun. Then to Illini. Lots of kids there. Ed M. home. Sure looks swell. Had a nice eve.

Fri Apri 20, 1945

Gosh, a wonderful day. "Gen" & I worked tonight. Had lots of fun. Lorene working too. What conversations we had. Mother met me & went to show. Saw "Keep of the Kingdom". Wonderful!! Walked home. Stayed all night at Mother's. Tired.

Thurs Apr 19, 1945

Guess Bob F. is going with Evelyn Sat night. Delores knows it, too. Don Chapman got draft call today. Edna here awhile in eve. Bought pair non-rationed baby doll shoes. Cute, I think. Talked with Evelyn after work.

July 5th update from Val

{I apologize for not being on top of the diary like I had hoped to have been. You know how hectic summers can be. We were on vacation for one week, then I lost my hard drive on my desktop and now we close on our new house tomorrow and spend all weekend painting. Despite the frustrations with packing up what seems to be hundreds of never ending boxes, we are absolutely thrilled to be moving! It just makes everything else have to be put on "pause". Once we're settled I hope to be more diligent like I once was. Anyway, so here's a few entries to keep ya going. Don't give up on me!

And for those of you who haven't seen my kiddos in a while, here are some pictures of them over vacation. The other little girl in the pictures are my niece, Ella, who went on vacation with us, along with my in-laws, b-i-l, and two s-i-l's. We had the best time ever.

Thanks for looking! Grandpa sure was proud of these great-grandkids of his!}


Grandma won another award!

Look! Isn't this exciting?!

Linda, from Second Cup of Coffee, has awarded Grandma's Diary for this Blogger Reflection Award! Is it not the neatest?!

I feel so bad because I have not updated here at Grandma's Diary in over a week, but it's just been so impossible to with having been on vacation and then just being so so busy (basically both at home and at "work") packing boxes in order to move into our new home. But don't worry, entries (and myself) will return. I promise!

Anyway, I was taken for a (shockingly flattering exciting) surprise when she told me this. Thank you, Linda, for giving Grandma and her generation recognition they so greatly deserve.



Update from Grand-daughter land!

{Sorry I have not updated in such a long time. We put our house on the market and thankfully it sold in 9 days, but that's much faster than we ever dreamed it would! Now my family and I are off on vacation tomorrow out east (Sea Island, GA, anyone been there?! I absolutely cannot wait!) but first today I shoot an all-day wedding. I seriously don't know how I will be ready for tomorrow, but hopefully if I put my mind to it, I can do it. Anyhow, I just wanted to let everyone know where I've been and where I'm off to so that you don't give up on me and Grandma's Diary! Hopefully I can get some time once we're back and before we start packing boxes, painting rooms and moving to the new house. All that happens the middle of July. But I know how everyone is so busy this time of year, so hopefully you're all not sitting around wondering where I've been. Just wanted to tell you not to give up on this site because I'll be back strong in a few weeks. Take care and happy summer! In the meantime, here are a few new (well, old!) amazing pictures . . .

~ Valerie}

Here's another one of Grandma's mother . . .
These bottom two pictures came from a collage of pictures that had been scanned and put together, I think, for all grandpa's siblings and himself. So the quality isn't the best, but hopefully you can still enjoy. If you click on these picture, they will be blown up really large in your browser and then you can see faces and details much better.

This one here is a "Sears House", built by William E. Wallace - finished May 23, 1919. Sitting the picture is: Wm E. Wallace, Flossie Wallace, Sinah (?) Hester (Dawson) Wallace - Wm Wallace's mother, Ella (Evey) Wallace and Lewetta Wallace.

This one is titled "4 Generations". Sitting here is: George Washington McMillen (born on Pres Washington's b-day, hence the name), Charles David McMillen, Grace Ellen (McMillen) Wallace, and Russell Dale Wallace (grandpa's oldest brother). What truly amazing pictures, huh?!


Wed Apr 18, 1945

Got along by ourselves today & good. Ordered Edna's corsage for Fri. night. Bought purse for Ruth from Daddy & dress from me. Duane came down about 8:15. Went to show. Got along well except something happened which shouldn't. Don't know ~~~~~~~~~.

Tues Apr 17, 1945

We 4 girls again. Got along swell. Wanda N. helped quite a lot though. Got housecoat for Ruth's birthday from Daddy. Folks in town. Sure lonesome. Duane has been on my mind all day - naturally. Saw Delores W. & Dorothy Wisnant in Decatur.

Mon Apr 16, 1945

Back to work again. Virginia on vacation. Glad to be back. Kids seemed glad to see me. We 4 girls by ourselves but awfully busy. Had to have some help. Lorene talking about Lennie leaving. Gen heard from Jim & he's in France. Golly, I'm lonesome tonight. Talked with Gen this evening. Made me feel better, too. She understands.


Sun Apr 15, 1945

Ed M. home for today but didn't see him. Duane down awhile this morn. Had talk with Daddy this aft. about D. & I. Feel better now. We took John & Evelyn Rucker to show with us tonight. Saw "Lost in a Harem". Fair. Had a good time. Acted as if wasn't worried about anything, just having good time, & I didn't mention last night. Duane rather quiet. Asked me for date Wed. night. Oh, I love him.

Sat Apr 14, 1945

Ironed. At Edna's awhile this eve. Luther's here. Duane came about 8:15. Saw Bob Hope, M. Carroll in "My Favorite Blonde". Everything just "burst" tonight. Duane read that letter. Decided to "split-up" for a little while anyhow. Don't know what will happen. He just had to be sure. Cried so very hard & so did Duane. 1:45 when he left. Hardly slept all night long.

Fri Apr 13, 1945

Jeepers, what a day! Wrote letter to Duane. Told him exactly how things stand. I just don't feel that I can stand this much longer. Much news & comment about Pres. death. Edna here & Harriet M. brought me one of grad pictures. Really good!! Read & to bed. Rained.


Thurs Apr 12, 1945

Didn't do a whole lot today. Walked down road. Came home on 6:30 train. Pres. Roosevelt died. Terrible shock to everyone. Duane came after me about 10:00. Ate and then home. Seemed to get along pretty good but, golly, he just doesn't say anything at all about loving me or anything at all anymore. Cried myself to sleep.

Wed. April 11, 1945

Up about 8:00. Went with U. Mike to get & milk cows. Took walk down by spring & through pasture. Mother & Aunt Hazel picked greens. We listened to radio & played rummy in eve. Have had cramps all day. Washed, put up hair & to bed about 10.

Tues Apr 10, 1945

Daddy brought me in town & Mother & I came to Taylorville on 2:30 train. Aunt Hazel living on farm now. Have had a lot of fun. Out in barn, climbing fences, walking around, feeding chickens & other things. Lonely as heck tonight though. Uncle Mike works nights & Donna in town.


Wordless Wednesday ~ Mother & Daughter

This is grandma and her mother. I'm guessing early 1930's? Isn't it a fantastic picture? I know it's just a studio picture, but wow, it still speaks volumes, making it "wordless" to me. Check out other WW's here.

Mon Apr 9, 1945

Vacation has begun. Really cleaned room today - scrubbed furniture & polished & everything. Ironed too. Went with John Rucker & Evelyn R. 1st date. Saw "Sunday Dinner for a Soldier" & "The Fighting Lady". Real good. Really felt bad. Had cramps. Had a swell time this eve. Duane is so sweet to me. Have been kinda worried but have no reason.

Sun Apr 8, 1945

Helped Daddy out in yd. this morn. Was fun. Got my legs all scratched up. Didn't feel so good again this eve. Went with Bob F. & Delores W. Saw "Gypsy Wild-cat" & "Step Lively". Both good. Had quite a bit of fun. Ate & went home. Got in 11:30.


Sat Apr 7, 1945

Saw Miss Vanderneer uptown. Didn't hardly know me with glasses. Looked for Ruth's birthday present. Duane & I went to "Jackie" Mc's house. Johnny there, of course. Had so much fun!!! Played Slap & Bunco & danced. Danced on porch part of the time. Went to the Mill for about 2 min. It's a mess. The eve. was so nice & had a wonderful time. Got in about 12:30.

Fri Apr 6, 1945

Pretty busy again today. "Jackie" McKinney called me this morn. Mary Manning borrowed blue formal. Sure was skin-tight. Went to play (Jr.) at Argenta. Real good. "D" wore my red formal. Didn't feel so good. Duane left pretty early (10:30). Ruined my good hose. Cried.

Bob Ferrill wants to go with Evelyn.


Wordless Wednesday ~ 77 years ago

Her and grandpa both would have been 80 this year . . . :(
Oh how I miss them . . .

You Always Hurt the One You Love

As we just found out, grandma and grandpa's "song" was You Always Hurt the One You Love. A friend of mine was thrilled for me that I was able to discover "their song". She's right. What a gift it is.

I found out a little more about the song, too. It was preformed by The Mills Brothers in 1944 and then in 1945 by Spike Jones & His City Slickers. But more recently it has also been sung by Willie Nelson and Michael Buble among many many more! Now I must go find it on itunes!

Anyway, here's some of the words:

You always hurt the one you love
The one you shouldn't hurt at all
You always take the sweetest rose
And crush it till the petals fall
You always break the kindest heart
With a hasty word you can't recall
So If I broke your heart last night,
It's because I love you most of all.

And here is a clip of it being sung . . . so sweet it is!


April 5, 1945

Lorene brought "Lennie's" picture. He's cute! Wrote letter to Bill Parr. Bought music to our song - we want to keep it. Bunch of young squirts here this eve. Washed hair, washed some things, & did a little sewing. Dwight Hartman (?) is home.

Apr 4, 1945

Pretty busy wk. so far. We girls had fun just conversing this noon. Duane came about 8:00 and we went to Illini. Al Karelin (?) there. Pretty good. Really had a super time. Talked to Johnny & Jackie quite a lot. We talked about our song "You Always Hurt the One You Love". Gosh, Duane is so sweet & tonight was so much nicer than has been. Gave Duane his sweater.

Apr 3, 1945

Gosh, another day without seeing Duane. Lonesome as heck. Edna here for awhile in eve. Folks in town. Delores borrowed formal for Fri. night. Ironed, went to bed & read. Got letter from "Zombie".

Mon Apr 2, 1945

Golly, this has been a lonely day! Rained all last night & part of today. Busy day. Washed Duane's sweater & some things tonight. Put up hair & went to bed. Jack Groves in hospital with scarlet fever. Evelyn got another letter from Jack.


Wordless Wednesday ~ "Daddy"

Grandma's daddy who she talks about quite often in her diary.


Sun Apr 1, 1945

Lyn's birthday & Easter. Went to S.S. Rained. Daddy gave me box of candy. Lyn home. Came home with me for a while. Did some sewing. We took Judy to show with us this eve. Saw "Here Come the Waves". Swell. Duane liked my dress but didn't say anything about hat. Have gone "steady" 22 mo. today. Got home early but Duane left about 11:00. Didn't get along so good. I just can't seem to believe that he really loves me.

Sat Mar 31, 1945

What a day! Really busy but had good luck. Got out about 4:00. Duane picked me up in town about 7:30. Rode around & went out to lake. He was talking to me about figure. Kinda made me feel good. Had fun. Went to dance at Illini about 9:00. Sure lots of kids we knew. Took Johnny R. & "Jackie" Mc to eat afterwards. Didn't get along so good after got home.


Wordless Wednesday ~ Beautiful Young Grandma

For Wordless Wednesday, more photos of grandma as a little girl. Do you ever wonder what colors people are wearing in old photos? I always picture grandma in pink dresses because that was her favorite color. :)

There is no way I can go absolute "wordless" with photos that speak as much as these do. I can't help but notice little things like in the photo above . . . the brick road, the huge metal basket on the front of the big bike . . .
And then look at this one . . . the car in background . . . are they on a picnic, at the lake, beach? And the man standing in front of that car, that is her "Daddy". Makes me smile. She loved him so much.

Fri Mar 30, 1945

Good Friday. Bank closed but worked from 8:00-9:30. Dorothy, Evelyn & I went to Springfield on bus. Rained. Went to show. Saw "Roughly Speaking". Really swell. Didn't find much of anything. Got pr. pants. Stayed all night at Mother's. Washed hair.

Thurs Mar 29, 1945

Duane & I took Charles & June with us tonight. Went to show. Saw "Three is a Family". Fair. Ate at Park Inn & sat in front of June's house till 12:25. Pretty late. Had a pretty good time. Charles doesn't seem to have changed a bit.

Wed Mar 28, 1945

Didn't feel so good today. Ordered corsage for Mother. Don got his draft call the other day. We kids are going to miss him. Golly, it's really swell today - so warm. Girls at bank having party for Janice Butt & Mary Vee B. Harris but didn't go.


Tues Mar 27, 1945

Had another round with Virginia this aft. Duane came about 8:00. Stayed home awhile (folks gone). Then went to town. Took a walk by the lake, ate and then back home. Starter (?) stuck and car had to be pushed & had flat tired when Duane got ready to leave here. Left about 1:30. Golly, tonight was really wonderful! Had such a swell time & Duane was so sweet.

Mon Mar 26, 1945

Warm but windy. Herb told me my vacation to be July 6-22 but may be changed. Wrote to Duane at noon & Evelyn to Jack. Called Duane this eve. Over talking to Edna awhile. Charles Amacher home. Would sure like to see him.


Wordless Wednesday ~ Bathing Beauty

grandma looking fabulous in her bathing suit . . . I am guessing this was taken at Decatur Lake in the middle 40's

{Wordless Wednesday is something I participate in at my blog, Purple Valley, and thought since I've got some fabulous pictures of grandma & grandpa, that this would be a great way to share with all. You can see more WW photos at 5 Minutes for Mom. Check out my friend, Amanda, as she always showcases old photos of her family's from around the same time as Grandma's Diary.}


Sun Mar 25, 1945

Got letter from Duane. He really wants to go into Service. Rained part of day. Helped Daddy mow yard this aft. Had late dinner. Duane and John Rucker here a while in morn. Duane came about 6:00 & we saw "Till We Meet Again." Real good. Ate at Park Inn. Had sorta bad eve. Was mostly my fault, I guess. Cried & really felt awful.

Sat Mar 24, 1945

Evelyn got letter from Jack yesterday. Virginia really threw us off in about an hour she was here this morn. Out to Mother's in aft. She pinned up my Easter dress. We took Carl Riley & Mary with us tonight. Saw "Together Again". Not so good. Had pretty good time. Willard here about 1:00. Wanted me to meet his girl but wouldn't do it. Had on pajamas.



Fri Mar 23, 1945

"Herb" said something would be done about Virginia. "Gen" talked to him again today. So warm - just spring weather. Swell. Sure tired - bet Duane is too. He's working in the fields. Washed hair this eve.

Thurs Mar 22, 1945

Had big mix-up at bank with Virginia, of course. Something has to be done. Went to Hard Times bank party at Decatur Club. Swell food & more fun! Sat beside Don & we laughed most of the time. Really had fun! Duane came after Dorothy, Evelyn, & I about 9:00. Went to Illini - Don Reid's orchestra. Good but not as good as last one. Really love to dance with Duane. We both acted like silly little morons. Really had so much fun. Took girls home from dance. To bed at 1:30.

Wed Mar 21, 1945

Really having mix-up at bank - (not us) - people getting moved around. Got letter from Bill Parr. He's at sea. "Gen" & I had pictures taken at dime store. Pretty good. Johnny L. got hurt this eve. Bought Easter cards. Evelyn hasn't heard from Jack yet. She's been so darn grouchy.
Grandma and two of her friends: Delores Ferrill & June Ater.


Tues Mar 20, 1945

Rainy, windy & cool today. Duane came about 7:30. Took his folks with us. Saw "Ladies Courageous" and "Gangs, Inc." Good. Had more fun!! Ate at Fletcher's. Leaving there Duane put his arm around me and his dad said, "Oh-oh, I see where I should have driven home." They're swell!


Mon Mar 19, 1945

Rained so don't suppose Duane worked. Was going to work in fields. Got Judy's Easter dress: really felt good. We girls acted so darn silly but was fun. Willard & Marguerite have separated & Ruth said this eve. that he has got some girl he's been going with into trouble. Supposed to have only gone with her 3 wks. Really makes me feel terrible!

Sun Mar 18, 1945

Duane came after me about 12:30. At his house all day. Golly, but I love it there. I just enjoy myself so much. I know that Duane is most wonderful person in the world! Didn't go anywhere this eve. Came home pretty early. Girls were gone this eve. & just talked with his folks & played with baby (Jack). Gee, but it was wonderful!

Sat Mar 17, 1945

Went out to Mother's after work. Washed hair. Luetta in hospital & Mother is keeping Diane. Lyn home this week-end. Came down this eve. & went to Argenta with her. Then to her house for supper. Listened to games. Decatur played Champaign in State Finals & won 62-54. Is really wonderful!! What a time for them!


Fri Mar 16, 1945

Decatur beat Galesburg tonight in a very exciting game. Won 73-72. Got Easter dress outfit & hat today. Really a swell letter. Duane came home unexpectedly this eve. Is going to Champaign tomorrow & won't be down. Had a fuss to begin with - as usual. Had a wonderful time the rest of the eve. Just went riding but was really swell. Decided we're pretty darn dumb for quarreling so much. That won't stop us though.

Grandpa (middle), grandma (right) and Helen Crabtree. {thank you, Tisha, for letting me know!}

Thurs Mar 15, 1945

"Nean", "Barb", John Rucker, Duane & I went to St. Tournament at Champaign today. Was really thrilling & wonderful. We girls saw "Meet Me In St. Louis" in aft. Super! Decatur won. Bob Doster & D.H.S. broke records. Won $50 from D on Champaign's game. Called Lyn. Really had argument on way home. As a whole today was really super swell.

Wed Mar 14, 1945

Just got home & Mrs. Wallace stopped to take me out home with her. Really had a swell time tonight. Went with Duane to do chores. Have 8 little calves & little tiny pigs which are Duane's. At his house for supper & all eve. - then home. Gee, it was swell!


An award????

Wow, this is sooooo exciting!!

One of my very best friends, Alexis, an avid reader with a strong love for Grandma's Diary, has nominated it for a huge award, "The Best Blog of All Time"! This contest is a real thing and the winners will be announced in Orlando, FL at the Blogger's Choice Awards. What a huge honor this is to even be nominated. But what a tribute it would be to grandma if her blog WON!

To vote, all you have to do is go to this link ----> here or you can click on the Blogger's Choice Award badge in the sidebar, which will also direct you to it. Then once you arrive, just vote! You can only vote one time. So, once you do, if you feel this blog deserves it, pass the word along! It will only get votes if the blog is noticed and liked. So let's work hard to make grandma a winner, I think it would be really "swell"! (As grandma would have put it.) :c)

Added later *Anissa plugged me, so I'm plugging her (and thanking her!) for plugging me!*


Things that make you smile

I just discovered that Grandma's Diary has been linked yet again! It makes me grin from ear-to-ear. How exciting!! Thank you, Genealogue! See the article here <---- click on me.

Grandma, Nean & Barb

This is a neat picture because of the cars you see in the background, but mostly because it's grandma (on the left) with grandpa's sisters, Norma Jean ("Nean") & Barb.

Barb is in the hospital right now in Chicago as she suffered a brain aneurysm April 6th. She had surgery the following day (survived!) and is now in the ICU at Northwestern hospital. Cousin, Lori, has been posting updates on her condition at the blog she developed for Barb here.

I have a feeling Barb will come through this. I know these days right now are the most critical for her, and that the biggest fear is a stroke, but she is strong . . . she is a Wallace.

I mentioned in Barb's blog, in the comments section, that my dad (also a Wallace) suffered a brain aneurysm when I was in 7th grade. Reading it made a lot of memories come back for myself and for mom and I know even more so for dad. I am sure he can relate to what Barb is going through and I hope one day they can share their experiences. Dad was in ICU for 2 weeks and in the hospital total for 31 days. It's difficult to go back and remember this time, but at the same time I see it as encouraging because, as I said, Dad is a Wallace and he pulled through like most Wallaces seem to do! He has that diligence that Barb has along with a strong relationship with God, which I think (no, I know) is proof that she will get through this also.

Tues Mar 13, 1945

Warm again today. Supposed to have date but Duane called this aft. & said hadn't got brakes fixed on car so couldn't drive it. Of all nights - darn it! Really lonely this eve. Ruth & kids in town & Daddy working. Sat. got post card from Chicago saying "Guess who?" Duane said was John Rucker's writing.

Mon Mar 12, 1945

Oh, this spring weather! Gee, all I can think about is Duane. Oh, I hope he loves me, but he's just got to believe that he's the one for me. He just has to. Dale's name in draft list in paper today. Gee, I'm tired. Didn't get to bed till 1:30 this morn. Duane broke window in car. Wrote to him.

Sun Mar 11, 1945

Warm out. Got to see daddy. Duane came out at 5:40. Saw "Hollywood Canteen". Very good! Saw Dale, Edythe, & Gene T. there. Gene really looked good! Had quite a time tonight. Duane thinks he doesn't treat me right & that he's not the one for me . . . & that just won't work. I cried - said he couldn't stand it - said that his mother & I were 2 women he loved most in the world. Said lots of sweet things. But, golly, I don't know what to do.

{Dale is grandpa Duane's brother and Edythe is his girlfriend. Edythe and Dale will one day be married.}


Sat Mar 10, 1945

Really like spring yesterday & today. Went to Mother's after work. Laid down & slept till 5:45. Duane came after me about 8:45. Went to Illini. Dorothy & Evelyn there. Had fun but not as much as Tues. Felt that something was wrong.

Fri Mar 9, 1945

Evelyn sure talks about Jack a lot. She really seems to like him. Evelyn & I worked this eve. Had fun. She, Dorothy, & I danced a while downstairs after work in aft. Went to Mother's & stayed all night. Washed hair & to bed. Kinda tired.

Thurs Mar 8, 1945

Duane came down this eve. & we went to see "The Very Thought of You". Was really swell!! Reeally had a wonderful time! Ate at Park Inn. Sang songs & acted rather silly for a while, but, golly. Duane is wonderful!!!!!

Wed Mar 7, 1945

"Gen" talking about Jim & her wedding experiences. Wish I had some to tell. Evelyn saw Bob off this morn. She & I got pinafores alike this eve. Jeepers, wish Duane would call or would get a letter tomorrow. Had bank meeting this aft. about Red Cross. Washed some clothes, put up hair, and to bed. Stayed up till Daddy got home this morn.


{It's Just Me}

I just wanted to stop by really quick and tell you all that I am here, but incredibly busy, so I'm having a hard time trying to post entries each day like I wish to. A little update here with me . . .

We are selling our house ourselves - a huge chore, but hopefully we can do it and save us some realtor fees - sorry to my great-aunt, great-uncle and cousins who work in the realty biz, but we need that extra 6% to go towards our house that we are building (or 2nd big chore at the time being)! On top of that, my business (VWC Photography) is booming (a blessing!) because it's that time of year again - people antsy to have spring portraits and couples getting married. So, needless to say, my spare time is getting away from me. Of course I can't forget my kiddos who keep me the busiest as a full-time stay-at-home mommy - they are ages 3-1/2 and 17-1/2 months - they are probably the ones keeping me from posting entries on most days!

Anyhow, tonight I hope to post a few entries and then I will try my best to come back next week and post more often. Sorry to those of you who are my loyal readers. Some of you come back and come back more than once a day and I just love that about you! Don't give up on me!!

Happy Easter! :c)


Tues Mar 6, 1945

"Gen" back to work. It was swell!! Duane and I went to Illini. - 1st time. Really had a wonderful time!!! Billy Bishop there. Duane really enjoyed it, too. Is getting to be a good dancer. Was really swell! Before we left Duane came in bedroom & saw me in slip. Acted kinda mad but wasn't so much. Duane wanted me to write something cute, but kinda crazy that he said that this eve. - "I'm going to wash my hands and comb my hair." Gee, I hope he loves me as much as I do him.



We've been linked over and over! How exciting that Grandma's Diary is growing so. I'm thrilled!


Mon Mar 5, 1945

All Evelyn could talk about was Jack. He leave Tues. morn. "Gen" at bank - starts work tomorrow. Daddy started in nights this eve. Called Duane to see how he was. O.k. - he said. Rained & hailed. Read this eve. Really warm last few days.

Sun. Mar 4, 1945

At Edna's this aft. Edna, H.M., & I went walking. Like old times. Lyn here this morn., went with G. Malone last night. Must have been wonderful. D. & I went with Jack & Evelyn. Saw "Woman In the Window". Real good. Duane was sick. He didn't feel good at all. Laid with head in my lap & slept most of eve. He's so sweet. Had fun. To bed at 1:00. J. & E. swell.


Sat Mar 3, 1945

All Evelyn talked about today was Jack. I know he liked her a lot too. Don't know what she's going to do about Bob. Went to Mother's in aft. Washed hair. Edna here a while in eve. Grandma here for week-end. Wrote letter to Duane.

Fri Mar 2, 1945

Really had fun tonight. Evelyn & Jack went together on a "blind date" with us. Saw "Kismet". Loads of fun. They really seemed to like each other. Have a date for Sun. night. Went out to rock garden but couldn't go through. [At Nelson park perhaps?] Ate at The Five Hundred. Nice. Got to bed about 12:45.

Thurs Mar 1, 1945

Gone "steady" 21 mo. today. Evelyn & I bought cross for Dorothy for birthday. It's really pretty. Really nice out today. "Gertie" Elston here for supper & all eve. Edna Mae over for a while too.



Cyndi's List

We made it onto Cyndi's List, a genealogical online resource.
Check it out!
(Scroll down and Grandma's Diary is under March 20, 2007)

Wed Feb 28, 1945

Marguerite & Willard have split up again. Duane came down about 8:15. Got car fixed - took a little ride but were home most of eve. We both cut-up and acted kinda silly at first. Tonight was really wonderful!! Duane acted & talked like he used to. Talked about getting married & our children. Duane said his grandpa likes me. He said I were nice & darn cute. Really made me feel good. Didn't get to bed until 2:00. Marguerite gave me crocheted dutch cap.

Tues Feb 27, 1945

Argenta played Bloomington in Regional at Clinton today. Rather dull day - not much happening. Lorene's birthday. Liked friendship bracelet. Wrote letter to "Zombie". Daddy got put on nights. Won't get to see much of him now. Not going to like that. Starts Mon. Lonesome -- plenty.

Mon Feb 26, 1945

Gee, I'm lonesome & have been all day. Evelyn & I went to sleep at noon. Duane was going to take car to garage to be worked on. Wonder how he came out. Daddy went to town. Got letter & picture from Zombie. Really good. Washed some things, put up hair, listened to radio, & to bed.


1940's photo booth pictures

Here are more photo booth pictures. I just love them. I am not really sure of the time frame of any of them except for the ones of grandpa are from August of 1945. The girl is grandma. The one at the bottom left is grandma's little brother, Bud. Isn't he a cutie? Down in the "Who's Who?" post, I mention him.

Who's Who?

I have had a lot of people questioning who certain people are. And so since we have so many people reading this blog now who are not related, I thought I would explain the names of the people mentioned (with any and all other information I feel could be pertinent) so you can grasp the "story" and get to know my Wallace-Duncan-Pope family better.

(If anyone has anything I can add, please email me. And if I have any facts wrong, please feel free to correct me!)

  • Grandma's first name is "Shirley"
  • Duane: grandma's boyfriend in the diary, who will later become my grandpa, or I guess I should say, I will later become his granddaughter!
  • Grandpa is a "Wallace", and the Wallace family are spoken of quite often. Grandpa had 7 other siblings with a very wide age range: Dale, Grandpa (Duane), Norma Jean, Barb, Mary Louise, Richard, Edwin, and Jack. Grandpa was the 2nd oldest, at around 18 yrs old, in the diary, and the youngest was Jack, who was born in December of '44 so he would be 2 months old.
  • Both grandma and grandpa went to Argenta High School
  • Grandma's mother (Nellie) and father divorced when my grandma was 5. She lived with her father (Mr. Duncan) in neighboring Oreana. Her dad was married to Ruth. Her mom will marry later (a great man I will get to know later as "grandpa Pope")
  • Grandma talks a lot of her friends: "Gen", Dorothy, Evelyn, and so on . . .
  • Grandma worked at Millikin Bank in Decatur
  • When this diary began, grandpa was working at a coal mine. Right now, in the diary, he is no longer working there. He will soon begin as a full-time farmer just like his father.
  • Grandma had two 1/2 siblings, Judy and Bud (will later have more)
  • Edythe is Dale's girlfriend in the diary and they will later marry
I am going to "sticky" this list in the side bar and update it as I need to. So check back!

Class of 1944 . . . and the legacy continues . . .

I've metioned before that grandma and grandpa went to the same high school. This is their senior class picture. I circled them. What I personally find really neat is that I went to the same school and graduated in 1994, exactly 50 years after they did. I walked the same halls, sat in the same class rooms and sat in the same gym. (My husband also went to this school - he and I were "high school sweethearts" like my grandparents were.) Unfortunately, the school is no longer there, but I'm so proud to say I helped carry on the Wallace legacy for many years in that school. Of course there were lots of us Wallace's between grandma & grandpa and myself . . . and there will continue to be more Wallace's in the new school with my cousin, Andy, living in the area and putting his own children through school there as well.

1945 Dealer's Warranty

Remember the Ford Deluxe car that grandpa bought in Feb 1945 that grandma talked about? Here is the dealer warranty for that car. Check out the price grandpa purchased it for!


Sun Feb 25, 1945

Don't feel any different being 18. Duane came down about 5:45. Started to town but decided better not drive car till is fixed. Went to Wallace's. Really did have a swell time!! Just the girls there most of eve. Played with Jack. So sweet. Duane can say some beautiful things. Seems like I'm always seeing a new side of him. It's wonderful --- love. I mean, Duane is the most wonderful person in the world! I know that.


How neat.

Really quick. . .

I have been featured at a site called 5 Minutes for Mom, which is a big site in the motherhood world, "bringing moms the best in blogging, shopping, parenting and entertainment". What I really love about it is that it's a Christian site, and the two girls that run it are not only moms, but stay-at-home moms with small businesses (and blogs) like me! Anyway, please take time to look at the article and then roam the site. (I love it there. I even got Anissa to be a part of a the group!) I'm just really flattered and I think grandma and grandpa both would be as well knowing that even more of the world is getting to know a little more about them . . . and more about all of us. They both would be tickled to death.

By the way, if you go to the sidebar column here at Grandma's Diary, near the bottom of it you will find a world map. The red dots on it show where all the visitors who read the blog are from. I didn't start the map until this past week, so we're missing a thousand or so visitors, but for now on it should keep good track. I find it pretty interesting so I wanted to point that out and share it with you.


Looking back some more . . .

[I'm going out of town for a few days . . . so in the meantime, down memory lane with more pictures . . . I'll be back next week, so check in then! ~ Val]

Is this grandpa's car? I thought his was cream, this does not look cream to me? Maybe his daddy's car?

Not sure where this was taken? Possibly Niagra Falls? Anyone know?

Isn't this a great one of grandpa? Boy, was he handsome! (And still handsome when I last saw him . . . but wow, look at him here . . . that smile . . . one I will never ever forget . . . Been missing you, grandpa, a lot and thinking about you a lot. I think it's because my birthday is upon us and you never ever forgot me . . . I'm still waiting on a card in the mail from you this year. Love you, one of your "girls", Valerie )

Sat Feb 24, 1945

[Grandma's Birthday today]Got off early - 2:00. Went to Victory & came home with Daddy. Got beautiful bracelet from Dorothy & Evelyn, "Singing Rain" ordered by Lorene, housecoat from Daddy & Ruth, and blouse from Judy & Buddy. Duane came after me before he went home. Spent the eve. at his house. Had fun. New car really swell but having a little trouble with it. Duane got me 8 piece Richard Hudnut (can't read her writing?) make-up kit in leather case. Really nice & do I like it! But I love him more. Had a swell birthday.


Fri Feb 23, 1945

Not as busy as thought would be. Evelyn & I worked tonight. Stayed all night at Mother's. Duane called me 4 times today - twice tonight. He got a car tonight. Boy, is he ever happy! - and me, too!! It's a 1939 Ford Tudor - cream colored. Can hardly wait to see it. Mother and I went to Luetta's awhile after work. Duane is getting so sweet.

Grandpa and that beautiful new car which he was so proud of!
Posted once already, I know. I need toget to scanning some more!


Thurs Feb 22, 1945

Mother & I were uptown all afternoon. Tog new slip & pr. brown sandals for birthday. Had dress for Easter laid away. Came home this eve. (Washed hair at Mother's.) Now at Grandma's & Luetta's. Washed clothes, ironed, put up hair. (Bank closed.)

I absolutely love this picture. It's a colorchrome photo and it's rare (from my findings) to find photos in color from this time. Isn't she lovely?

Wed Feb 21, 1945

Evelyn & I slept at noon. Duane called & woke me up. Stayed at Mother's all night. Called Duane & asked him to come over but instead went with Glen & Mildred. Started out to Wallaces but had to come back because of fog. Played pinochle & ate ice cream. Well, it happened. I couldn't help it. Duane talked to met about a lot of things but just couldn't talk. Afraid for him to think that I believe him too much.


Word getting out . . .

Word has been getting out about Grandma's Diary. Total stranger stopping by and enjoying our past. I welcome all visitors because it's such an honor sharing our history, which is in a sense, is everyone's history. Check out the comments throughout, especially below the entry Grandma as a Little Girl. People are so kind!

Tues Feb 20, 1945

Duane and I had 1st date 2 yrs ago tonight.

Decided not to give letter to Duane. Daddy took Evelyn, Dorothy, Duane & I out to Maroa game at Arg. Won 40-31. Dance afterwards. Really had a wonderful time & so did the girls! Danced with Duane, Bob L., Johnny R., D., & C. So swell being there again. Evelyn thought John Rucker cute. We acted all silly & had such a swell time. Wonderful dancing with Duane again.

Mon Feb 19, 1945

Rather sleepy, but, oh so happy! Been humming a certain song all day. Duane called this aft. Made me feel so good! Said had been thinking of me and wanted to call. Told me that this is last week at coal office. Am so glad - and I know he is too. Wrote letter to him in eve. Hope that wasn't wrong thing to do. "Gen" at bank. Went out with her at noon. She's leaving for N.C. tomorrow morn.


Grandma as a little girl.

Not having much time to work on the diary itself lately, I thought I'd share even more pictures from the past. I am just so fascinated by them . . . I hope you are as well. These below are more of grandma as a wee one . . . hope you are enjoying.

Please leave comments below sometimes so I know who visits. (. . . please?!) All you have to do is click on "comments" which resides below each post. It will guide you to a comment window. I don't think you have to "sign in" unless you have an account. You can comment anonymously even. It's pretty self-explanatory once you hit the comment link. I'd love comments because you've got to be thinking something when you see these old pictures! This is our past . . . and if you aren't related, it's still your past. This is how our ancestors lived. I find it extraordiary. I hope you do, too. Please share - this site is for everyone and a way for us all to stay connected.

Love ya all . . .

Grandma, again, outside her home as a baby.

Grandma and her daddy. What a handsome man . . .

Grandma and her mother. She seemed so "proper". Some of you knew her. Tell me what she was like! (Wait, I think I posted this one before already . . . ah well . . .)

This old picture is one of my favorites. It shows so much. Look at the brick sidewalk, the tricycle, grandma's dress (how often do you see girls these days wearing stockings, mary janes and dresses when they play?), and the old wooden fence which you can see in the shadows. Priceless!

Yet again, the adorable toddler, our grandma.


Flashbacks in time . . .

Russell Wallace, grandpa's daddy, I'm guessing the very early 1900's?? Amazing picture.

The heart of Decatur . . . what is now West Main and Main Street, where the Transfer House was originally located in 1914. It is no longer there; was moved to Central Park years and years ago. The Decatur City Council is working to have it moved back to this original location.

Grandma Wallace (Shirley) as a baby girl . . . 1930's, with her baby doll.

This picture is just the neatest to me because I drive down this street almost daily. It's Monroe Street where grandma Wallace grew up. Her house is the one right above the bulldozer with vines all over the front porch. This was when they tore up the brick road, in 1941, and replaced it with cement.
Grandpa and his first car, the Ford Deluxe.

Grandma and Grandpa . . . such a nice looking couple. I think this was taken on Monroe, in front of grandma's house . . . you can see how the street is no longer brick.

The Wallace clan in the late 1960's (I think that is the right time frame??). Can you pick out everyone? Click on the picture and it should pull up in another window much larger.

Grandma and grandpa's farm in 1974.

This was at Chris's birthday in 1984. Check out Matt's socks and Skoal hat! I love it! (Sorry, Matt, I just had to throw this one in!)

Grandma and grandpa in 1992 at my Uncle Barry's wedding. Still such a beautiful couple . . .