Looking back some more . . .

[I'm going out of town for a few days . . . so in the meantime, down memory lane with more pictures . . . I'll be back next week, so check in then! ~ Val]

Is this grandpa's car? I thought his was cream, this does not look cream to me? Maybe his daddy's car?

Not sure where this was taken? Possibly Niagra Falls? Anyone know?

Isn't this a great one of grandpa? Boy, was he handsome! (And still handsome when I last saw him . . . but wow, look at him here . . . that smile . . . one I will never ever forget . . . Been missing you, grandpa, a lot and thinking about you a lot. I think it's because my birthday is upon us and you never ever forgot me . . . I'm still waiting on a card in the mail from you this year. Love you, one of your "girls", Valerie )


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Adam from the All Things Film blog.

That's OK re me linking your blog. I've linked everyone who made a comment on my blog during last week's Blog Party, whether they were just saying hi or replying to a comment I made on their blog.

Thanks for the comment on my blogroll!

Linda said...

I just love this site. I get caught up in it and have to make myself quite reading. I'm not sure why I find it so interesting except it's my parent's era (they're 85 and 81). This last post about your grandpa is so very sweet, and YES, he was handsome! Happy birthday soon.

lil ole' me..... said...

I love the pictures Val!
That is a great picture of your grandpa, he was so handsome!!!
Keep 'em coming!