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Grandma talks a lot in her diary about Dorothy and Evelyn. Here they are in a newspaper clipping that I found:

And . . . I am pretty certain this is who "Gen" is(!):
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In the year 1945 . . .

I thought it might be fun to do an entry about happenings in the year 1945. I think most of us who read were not even born yet. It puts things more into perspective. Hard to believe sometimes how we are in the year 2007 and how our world, environment and society has changed. Hope you enjoy! ~ Valerie

(The following not necessarily in timely order)

  • US GDP (1998 dollars): $223.2 billion
  • Federal spending: $92.71 billion
  • Federal debt: $260.1 billion
  • Dow Jones High/Low: 195/155
  • Consumer Price Index: 18
  • Unemployment: 1.9%
  • Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.03

Popular Music

Popular Movies
Academy Awards
  • Best Picture: "The Lost Weekend"
  • Best Director: Billy Wilder ... "The Lost Weekend"
  • Best Actor: Ray Milland ... "The Lost Weekend"
  • Best Actress: Joan Crawford ... "Mildred Pierce"

Most of my information above comes from Wikipedia.org and the History Channel.


Sun Feb 11, 1945

Went to S. S. First time in ages. Just about like Spring out. Went to Champaign in aft. with Mrs. Kirby to take Lyn back. She has a real nice room. Duane & I saw "Cobra Woman". Pretty good. Golly, I'll never forget tonight. Don't think D. will either. Can't explain.

Sat Feb 10, 1945

Got off work at 2:30. Evelyn & I went uptown awhile. Saw "Dot" & Betty. Went to Victory & came home with Daddy. Wrote 6 page letter to Duane. Made fudge. Real good.

Fri Feb 9, 1945

Had two summer dresses laid away at Hecht's. Really cute. Duane to see me at lake this aft. First time I've seen him since Sun. Evelyn & I worked tonight. Duane met me. Saw "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo". Very good. Cried. Duane really liked it. Came home. Was about 1:00 when he left, but hadn't been together for so long.

Monday Memo

[I am really slacking at posting grandma's entries. Forgive me. It's been hectic beyond words at home right now. Check out Purple Valley and you will see why. I am going to try and be better this week.]