Sun Aug 19, 1945

At Lyn's for dinner for some of girls from bank. Duane came about 2:30. Really liked bracelet. Could tell he liked the back, too. Went to Maroa. Met Allen & Helen, & to Weldon Springs. Went boat-riding. Then drove around & found the folks. Duane was really surprised, so that made everything perfect. Had a wonderful supper. Everything was just swell. Went to show. This has been such a perfect day. Everybody liked my cake.

Sat Aug 18, 1945

Off about 2:30. Got dress from cleaners & Duane's bracelet. I really like it. Called Mrs. Wallace & Duane answered. Said I would like to know what's going on. Went to Illini. Lots of kids there -- John Rucker & Jackie Mc., Allen J. & Helen Crabtree, Duane & I went to eat & for ride. Finally got around to suggesting a picnic tomorrow & got everything worked out. More fun! Don't think Duane thought anything about it.

Fri Aug 17, 1945

You can sure tell the war's over here at the bank. Herb's really keeping an eye on everyone. Last Fri. night to work. Evelyn, Lorene, & I worked. Daddy met me. Got my clothes & came home. Really tired & ready for bed.

Thurs Aug 16, 1945

Mrs. Wallace called me about Sunday. Had to work but stores were closed. Not much business. Duane came down this eve. Saw "This Man's Navy". Real good. We got into it. Didn't get along at all until after the show. But everything's ok. Duane's so darn sweet.

Wed Aug 15, 1945

Uncle Fred died. Had to work till 11:00. Mother & I took lunch to Fairview. Had big parade -- kids on hay - rack from Argenta. Got on with them. Stopped real suddenly and bunch of us fell. A. Jones came and pushed us back up. Had real nice program. Walked to work to & to park & back. Saw lots of kids I knew. Had a swell time. Wish Duane had been here too. To bed early.