Mon Mar 19, 1945

Rained so don't suppose Duane worked. Was going to work in fields. Got Judy's Easter dress: really felt good. We girls acted so darn silly but was fun. Willard & Marguerite have separated & Ruth said this eve. that he has got some girl he's been going with into trouble. Supposed to have only gone with her 3 wks. Really makes me feel terrible!

Sun Mar 18, 1945

Duane came after me about 12:30. At his house all day. Golly, but I love it there. I just enjoy myself so much. I know that Duane is most wonderful person in the world! Didn't go anywhere this eve. Came home pretty early. Girls were gone this eve. & just talked with his folks & played with baby (Jack). Gee, but it was wonderful!

Sat Mar 17, 1945

Went out to Mother's after work. Washed hair. Luetta in hospital & Mother is keeping Diane. Lyn home this week-end. Came down this eve. & went to Argenta with her. Then to her house for supper. Listened to games. Decatur played Champaign in State Finals & won 62-54. Is really wonderful!! What a time for them!


Fri Mar 16, 1945

Decatur beat Galesburg tonight in a very exciting game. Won 73-72. Got Easter dress outfit & hat today. Really a swell letter. Duane came home unexpectedly this eve. Is going to Champaign tomorrow & won't be down. Had a fuss to begin with - as usual. Had a wonderful time the rest of the eve. Just went riding but was really swell. Decided we're pretty darn dumb for quarreling so much. That won't stop us though.

Grandpa (middle), grandma (right) and Helen Crabtree. {thank you, Tisha, for letting me know!}

Thurs Mar 15, 1945

"Nean", "Barb", John Rucker, Duane & I went to St. Tournament at Champaign today. Was really thrilling & wonderful. We girls saw "Meet Me In St. Louis" in aft. Super! Decatur won. Bob Doster & D.H.S. broke records. Won $50 from D on Champaign's game. Called Lyn. Really had argument on way home. As a whole today was really super swell.

Wed Mar 14, 1945

Just got home & Mrs. Wallace stopped to take me out home with her. Really had a swell time tonight. Went with Duane to do chores. Have 8 little calves & little tiny pigs which are Duane's. At his house for supper & all eve. - then home. Gee, it was swell!