Sun July 1, 1945

25 months "steady". Cleaned room, ironed, & fixed some clothes. Duane & I spent eve. just riding around & out at Nelson Park. Had such a perfectly wonderful eve. & so much fun! Duane's so darn sweet & I love him so darn much. We acted so silly & talked just about us. Gee whiz . . .

Sat June 30, 1945

Got off about 3:30. Stormed. Power off & book-keepers couldn't work. Had more fun! Out to Mother's & Grandma's. Duane came about 7:15. Saw "Practically Yours". Swell. Then to Illini. Had a grand time. Duane was pretty tired though.

Fri June 29, 1945

Could think of nothing but Duane today. He's so darn sweet. Thinking about confessions he made last night. Hes just super swell. Pay-day. Got new white sandals, brassiere, & eyelet dress. Folks in town, washed dishes, did some sewing.