Thurs Apr 12, 1945

Didn't do a whole lot today. Walked down road. Came home on 6:30 train. Pres. Roosevelt died. Terrible shock to everyone. Duane came after me about 10:00. Ate and then home. Seemed to get along pretty good but, golly, he just doesn't say anything at all about loving me or anything at all anymore. Cried myself to sleep.

Wed. April 11, 1945

Up about 8:00. Went with U. Mike to get & milk cows. Took walk down by spring & through pasture. Mother & Aunt Hazel picked greens. We listened to radio & played rummy in eve. Have had cramps all day. Washed, put up hair & to bed about 10.

Tues Apr 10, 1945

Daddy brought me in town & Mother & I came to Taylorville on 2:30 train. Aunt Hazel living on farm now. Have had a lot of fun. Out in barn, climbing fences, walking around, feeding chickens & other things. Lonely as heck tonight though. Uncle Mike works nights & Donna in town.


Wordless Wednesday ~ Mother & Daughter

This is grandma and her mother. I'm guessing early 1930's? Isn't it a fantastic picture? I know it's just a studio picture, but wow, it still speaks volumes, making it "wordless" to me. Check out other WW's here.

Mon Apr 9, 1945

Vacation has begun. Really cleaned room today - scrubbed furniture & polished & everything. Ironed too. Went with John Rucker & Evelyn R. 1st date. Saw "Sunday Dinner for a Soldier" & "The Fighting Lady". Real good. Really felt bad. Had cramps. Had a swell time this eve. Duane is so sweet to me. Have been kinda worried but have no reason.

Sun Apr 8, 1945

Helped Daddy out in yd. this morn. Was fun. Got my legs all scratched up. Didn't feel so good again this eve. Went with Bob F. & Delores W. Saw "Gypsy Wild-cat" & "Step Lively". Both good. Had quite a bit of fun. Ate & went home. Got in 11:30.