July 23-July 31

{ All these pages have been torn out. Interesting... }

Sun July 22, 1945

Grandma here. Collie died. Judy, Lyn, Gen, Lorene, Lorraine & I to S.S. picnic. Came sick this morn. & just felt terrible. Couldn't eat. Broke out in cold sweat -- cried. Laid out on beach. Read hot but only there about 1-1/2 hours. Duane & I saw "Diamond Horseshoe" tonight. Pretty good. Didn't feel so good this eve, either. Rode around, ate and home.

Sat July 21, 1945

Drove car in to garage. Brought grandma & Lynette home. Took Lorene home. Slept from 6:00 til 7:40. Duane didn't get down till 10:15. Went to sleep with his head in my lap. Felt like something wrong this eve. Guess it's just me. A big collie dog lay out by our hedge this eve. It was hurt. Daddy gave it some water.

Fri July 20, 1945

Lorene fixed my hair on top of head. Liked it. Evelyn had toothache this aft. so Dorothy worked with me. Had a nice time. Swell talking to her for a change. Had I.D. bracelet laid back for Aug. 19. Went with Gen at noon to buy her China. Really pretty. Daddy met me after work. Washed hair.

Thurs July 19, 1945

At last - gee, this week has seemed so long. Slept at noon. Everyone was tired. Duane came down about 8:30 - just in from field - took Daddy to town after car & then out to Duane's so he could eat & get cleaned up. Duane is so swell. Gee, it was grand being together. Had a wonderful time. Laid out in yard on blanket - went to sleep.

Wed July 18, 1945

Well, the shower was quite a success. "Gen" & I bought Mother a corsage. Lorene got so many nice things & the girls from Springfield, etc. were so swell. I loved bunco. Had fruit salad, cake, nut cups for refreshments. To bed about 12:00. Glad it's all over.

Tues July 17, 1945

"Gen" & I bought a few last minute details for shower. Stayed with Mother all night. Went to Lorene's, Dorothy's to get card tables, etc. Mother & I read awhile then to bed early. Golly, ~~~~ I'm lonesome.

Mon July 16, 1945

Pretty light day for Mon. Lonesome as would be. Didn't feel so good - kinda droopy. Can't see Duane till Thurs. Gee, that seems a long way off. Party at Bill Parr's tonight but D. didn't think should go out tonight. Sure feel awful about it. Hope he didn't think too much about it. Read Duane's old letters.

Sun July 15, 1945

Went to S.S. Washed & ironed this aft. John Rucker called this morn. Duane came about 6:30. Saw "Without Love". Really swell! Ate & home. I didn't feel so good & felt kinda doubtful but Duane helped me & feel much better. Cried though. Duane said he didn't believe in God. Wish he did. Would make him & me both feel better. He says the sweetest darn things & he can do so much for me. Ah, I love him!!!