Sun Apr 22, 1945

Helped Daddy plant potatoes. Duane, Johnny, & Ed in Decatur in aft. Harriet M. came down & we rode around at Argenta. Talked to "D" & other kids. Fun! We went with John Rucker & Evelyn. Saw "Objective, Burma!" Good but oh .... Herb Hupp killed in action in Germany Apr 6. It's so awful. Duane & I got into it in eve. Didn't end very good.

Sat Apr 21, 1945

4 girls alone with no help at all. Got along good. Got out at 2:00. Don got letter saying doesn't have to go May 1st. Got hair cut real short this aft. Sorta like it. Duane calls me "Zip". We took Evelyn & Bob Ferrill with us tonight. Went out to Nelson Park. Went through rock garden & messed around. Lots of fun. Then to Illini. Lots of kids there. Ed M. home. Sure looks swell. Had a nice eve.

Fri Apri 20, 1945

Gosh, a wonderful day. "Gen" & I worked tonight. Had lots of fun. Lorene working too. What conversations we had. Mother met me & went to show. Saw "Keep of the Kingdom". Wonderful!! Walked home. Stayed all night at Mother's. Tired.

Thurs Apr 19, 1945

Guess Bob F. is going with Evelyn Sat night. Delores knows it, too. Don Chapman got draft call today. Edna here awhile in eve. Bought pair non-rationed baby doll shoes. Cute, I think. Talked with Evelyn after work.

July 5th update from Val

{I apologize for not being on top of the diary like I had hoped to have been. You know how hectic summers can be. We were on vacation for one week, then I lost my hard drive on my desktop and now we close on our new house tomorrow and spend all weekend painting. Despite the frustrations with packing up what seems to be hundreds of never ending boxes, we are absolutely thrilled to be moving! It just makes everything else have to be put on "pause". Once we're settled I hope to be more diligent like I once was. Anyway, so here's a few entries to keep ya going. Don't give up on me!

And for those of you who haven't seen my kiddos in a while, here are some pictures of them over vacation. The other little girl in the pictures are my niece, Ella, who went on vacation with us, along with my in-laws, b-i-l, and two s-i-l's. We had the best time ever.

Thanks for looking! Grandpa sure was proud of these great-grandkids of his!}