Thurs June 7, 1945

Lennie getting home this aft. Car out of gas this eve. & Daddy had to come in. I didn't know what was happening. Lorene called this morn. Saw bunch of kids from Argenta at noon. G. Trummel home & in to see me at noon but was gone. J. Rucker called me to get suggestion for Evelyn's birthday present. Duane & I saw "A Song To Remember". Really good but I just couldn't stay awake. Saw Joe & Donna & Dot & Zombie. Dot told me that she thought they were going to get married next wk.

Wed June 6, 1945

Lyn started at bank - filing checks. We kids looked for gown & negligee for Lorene this eve. No luck. Went to sleep at noon. Still driving. Washed hair this eve. Lynette called. Rained.

Tues June 5, 1945

Lorene's last day - going on vacation. Lyn at bank seeing about job. Will probably get it. Duane down about 8:30. Went to the Lincoln & I went to sleep after about 20 min. Was so tired & sleepy this eve. Stayed for only part of show. Ate at Steak N Shake. Really got along swell!! Was in bed by 12:00.