Sat July 14, 1945

{The writing is really faded in this entry and her writing really sloppy, so I'm not sure if I'm interpreting correctly.}

Drove Kirby's car in this morn. & I dented a fender. Didn't say anything but I sure felt awful. Lyn & I ate at Park Inn this aft. & went to her Aunt Lennie's & then home. Duane down about 8:30. To Illini. Met J. Ruskin's girl, Joan Longsdorff -- very sweet & cute. Also Alan Jones & Helen Crabtree. Had a little feud but got over it quick. Felt kinda droopy but had a swell time. We were so close!!!! Was beautiful.

Fri July 13, 1945

Pay-day. Bought prizes, etc. for Wed. night. Saw Mrs. Wallace, Edythe, & Barb -- also Jackie. He's the sweetest thing. Bought roll of film for Mrs. Wallace. Washed hair, plucked eyebrows, cleaned shoes, & washed some dresses. Got letter from Carl Riley.

Thurs July 12, 1945

So tired today. Don't know why. Duane came down about 8:30. Went to Garfield playground to see Gley (?) & Mildred. Ate and had another perfectly wonderful eve. He's so darn swell, sweet, wonderful, & do I love him! Some of the conversations we have!! It's swell -- love.


Wed July 11, 1945

Duane called this morn. Went to doctor for physical exam. Have to take douches and pills. Had blood test and everything. Went out to grandma's to see Aunt Jesse. She's really nice. [more about douches...]

Tues July 10, 1945

Girls at bank had picnic for Lorene at Nelson Park. Quite a bit of fun but sure tired. Lorene liked her dishes a lot. Danced at beach house. Spilled orange on Lorene's dress. Gen's swell. Stayed all night with Mother.

Mon July 9, 1945

Tired. Hair so sticky from water. Addressed invitations to shower. Ruth's kids in town. Wrote letter to Duane this morn & to Carl Riley this eve. Got letter from Wayne Morgan & card from Dorothy June. Bill Parr here few min. this eve.

Sun July 8, 1945

"Gen", Lorene, & I to beach at noon. Got sunburn a little. Saw Betty, Duane, Bob F., and Mugs Allsup came about 2:30. Went in water. Duane sure "ducked" me. Had so much fun!!! "Mugs" had to go home at 6:30 so the 3 of us went to show. Saw V. Johnson in "Between Two Women". Swell. Bob called us Mom & Pop & he was Jr. We're crazy little morons but we like it.


Sat July 7, 1945

Grandma here this eve. Daddy met me after work this aft. Took nap. Duane called & came down about 8:45. Went to Illini. Talked to Eddie M. Saw Evelyn & John. Had good time. Duane tired & me, too. Left about 10:30. Ate & to Mother's for night. Duane left about 12:00.

Fri July 6, 1945

My hearts still singing today but gee, I'm lonesome. Gen & I got invitation for Lorene's shower. Evelyn & I worked tonight -- Lorene, too. Went with Wanda after work to see dress she'd picked up. Daddy, Ruth, & kids met me.

Thurs July 5, 1945

Another busy day. Lorene got letter but he still wasn't in Calif. Wanda, "Gen", & I bought Lorene's dishes - gifts from girls of bank. Got letter from Jack Groves. Pressed some clothes. All I've been able to think about today has been Duane & the things he said last night. I'm afraid to be so happy.


July 4, 1945

Ironed all morn. Duane called twice this aft. Dedication of Honor Roll at Arg. this eve. but didn't go. This was the most wonderful eve. we've ever spent together! Went out to the beach, to the carnival, & to Arg later. All Duane talked about was me, us & how much he loves me & that made me so happy. He said some things I've been wanting to hear for a long time. Everything was perfect!!! Wore my new white eyelet. Duane teased me all eve. I'll never forget tonight.

Tues July 3, 1945

Plenty busy today also. Us kids looked for dishes for Lorene at noon. Not much success. Got some make-up, etc., & pr. white pants after work. Washed hair. Ironed most of eve. Duane called. Mary Ida & Bill at work.

Mon July 2, 1945

{Oh my goodness, where has this summer gone?! So sorry that I'm so significantly behind. You can see what I've been up to by going here.}

Lorraine Gilman engaged. Busy day. Tired. Lorene came home with me & stayed all night. We took the kids to the carnival. Had quite a bit of fun. Lorene & I rode on the scariest ride - crazy taxi-cabs. We just screamed. She wrote a letter & to bed rather late. She's swell.


Sun July 1, 1945

25 months "steady". Cleaned room, ironed, & fixed some clothes. Duane & I spent eve. just riding around & out at Nelson Park. Had such a perfectly wonderful eve. & so much fun! Duane's so darn sweet & I love him so darn much. We acted so silly & talked just about us. Gee whiz . . .

Sat June 30, 1945

Got off about 3:30. Stormed. Power off & book-keepers couldn't work. Had more fun! Out to Mother's & Grandma's. Duane came about 7:15. Saw "Practically Yours". Swell. Then to Illini. Had a grand time. Duane was pretty tired though.

Fri June 29, 1945

Could think of nothing but Duane today. He's so darn sweet. Thinking about confessions he made last night. Hes just super swell. Pay-day. Got new white sandals, brassiere, & eyelet dress. Folks in town, washed dishes, did some sewing.


Thurs June 28, 1945

"Gen", Lorene & I had pictures taken at noon. Not good - have to take over. Got letter from Carl Riley. Wrote to Jack Groves & sent card to Mac (Wayne Morgan). Duane came about 9:15. Jeepers it was swell - we were so glad to be together again. Can almost say most perfect night we've had. Went to (??) show at Arg., came home, laid on blanket in yard. Talked a long time. Pay-day.

Wed June 27, 1945

Really a "light" week. No strike at Caterpillar. Lenny left Great Lakes yesterday. Helped Lorene this aft & after work. Stayed all night with her. Her dad took us to Steak N Shake for a drink. She washed my hair. Had quite a talk. Had such a grand time. She's really swell. Planned bank picnic for her.


Tues June 26, 1945

Finished letter to Duane this noon. Bill Parr at bank this aft. Really looks swell. Seems about the same. Dot & Zombie leaving this aft. Caterpillar workers voted on strike today. Don't know answer yet. Ruth canning peas. Ironed.

Mon June 25, 1945

Saw Priscella S. yesterday. Said Mary is coming home next month. Can hardly wait. "Zombie" & "Dot" here this eve. to say good-bye. Leaving tomorrow. Cried - just couldn't help it. Called Duane. Said wouldn't be down till Thurs. night. Said would tell me why later. Gee, I'm lonesome.

Sun June 24, 1945

At Mother's last night. Girls at beach again today from 12:00 till 4:00. Really got a sun-tan. Had Judy in aft. Saw Mrs. Wallace. Went to Evelyn's house this eve. to wait. Duane & Johnny came at 8:15. Sat on blanket out in park. Got along swell!!! Duane's been so tired. He's been working awfully late & hard. Lennie got home last night. He & Lorene at beach to see us this aft. They're such a wonderful couple. Gen & I cried when left.

Sat June 23, 1945

Light day for Sat. Got through about 1:50. Bunch of girls to beach. Didn't tan much. Took Dorothy & Paul with us to Illini. Left early. Dot, Zombie, Joe & Donna there just before we left. Ate at Steak n Shake. Had quite a feud. Duane really told me off & I deserved it! Cried & things were better when he left.


June 19 - June 22, 1945

{ All these entries have been torn out. }

Sun June 17, 1945

Went to S.S. Judy in program. Really was sweet. Gave Daddy $8.00 for Father's Day. Duane down in aft. Sat in car and talked quite a while. Saw "National Velvet" in the eve. Was very good! A super wonderful eve!! I know Duane loves me. That always makes me happy. To bed after 1:00.

Sat June 16, 1945

Jeepers! What a day! Off about 3:45. To Mother's. Got Evelyn very pretty necklace. Gave Charles $5.00 for Father's Day. Duane came about 8:00. Went to Illini. Had a swell time! John & Evelyn there. Duane sure liked it, too. Came sick. He didn't feel so good. Really got along swell dancing together anymore.


Dealer's warranty and a WWII letter.

I still am in disbelief when I find the things I find that grandpa himself kept, like this dealer warranty from his first car. Hard to comprehend for those of us who today pay $15,000 plus for vehicles! Do you see the selling price? I bet he paid cash for it, too. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling they didn't do too many car loans.

Grandma actually talks of him getting this car back in her February entries.

And I love this picture of grandpa, standing in front of, what I believe is (maybe?), the same car. Fascinating, huh?
Then I came across these letters written to grandpa from Lazarre during WWII. Lazarre must have been a friend of grandma and grandpa's? Any family members know? I swear I remember them talking about him in the past. Even though the letter is from 1944, it's still so near this same time period. You can read them yourselves if you click on the actual photo of each page. Clicking on the image will make it larger and more readable.

The letters are quite funny. Lazarre must have been a man full of humor. No wonder grandpa liked him. He was always taken by people who could make him laugh :c) Read them . . . talk about fascinating . . .

Have a great weekend. I'm off to Chicago for my 32nd birthday!


Fri June 15, 1945

Daddy liked his present - shirt. We looked for Evelyn's present this eve. but didn't decide for sure. "Gen" & I worked. She was feeling kinda "blue" & cried but felt better then. Not so busy. Daddy & Judy met me. Sure tired. Have been reading book from show at Avon.

{more about the Avon theater's history - and hauntings - here and here!}

Thurs June 14, 1945

Didn't get to give Daddy his present today. Left work at 3:30. Wedding at 4:00 at Dot's house. Very nice. She looked so sweet. Joe, Donna, the newlyweds, & Duane & I ate supper at Greider's. Really had cars decorated up. Duane & I saw "Bring On the Girls" later in eve. Really had a swell time. At Mother's a while this eve. Called home.


Wed June 13, 1945

Zombie & John R. at Wallace's a while in eve. Got card from Jack Groves. Duane came up to to bank at noon. Told him about Pete. Got kinda mad but got over it & called me back. Met me after work & I went home with him for the eve. Had such a perfect time. He is so wonderful!! And so are his family! Had quite a talk. Was telling me about his "dark" past. Very interesting . . .

Tues June 12, 1945

Called Evelyn. Sure got tired sitting today. Talked to Geneva Reed at noon. Saw Dot & Zombie at noon. Getting married Thurs. Duane called this eve. to say he couldn't come down. Then called later to talk. Pete Westerman came down and asked me for date. That beats all!! Rained. Our car broke down last night. Having new motor put in.

Mon June 11, 1945

Evelyn on vacation this wk. Don in Proof. What a day - really busy!! Lorene called this afternoon. She's swell. Folks in town this eve. Ironed & pressed clothes. Bill Parr is supposed to be home the 20th.


{Pieces of our past}

I have not posted anything in a long long time. I wanted to be able to post new pictures and memorabilia before I added entries since it's been so long since I've had any new pictures to share. So finally I sat down, reconnected my scanner and made time. Enjoy all these amazing pieces of our history. I still can't believe how grandma, and then grandpa, held onto these things, but I am so so so thankful they did.

First of all, in lieu of Valentine's Day which I am about 3 weeks late for (!), here are some old Valentines that I came across. How precious are these?!

And also in lieu of Valentine's Day, here is a love letter I found from grandma to grandpa. I am assuming it is from their senior year of high school as she says at the end of the letter that she was writing it during trig. (Please click on it to view it more clearly.)

I found this pay stub of grandpa's when he worked for the coal company. He worked 78 hours for very little pay. Wow, I can't believe how hard he worked for so little money. Now I see even more why he was always such a hard worker. (Please click on it to see it in full detail.)

And here is that hard-working very handsome man. I am guessing this may be his high school graduation picture??

{More posts with more pictures in the coming days!}


Sun June 10, 1945

Daddy & Ruth's anniversary. Got up at 10:00. Ruth's folks & Doris here most of day. Duane came about 5:45. Took Dot & Zombie with us. They're getting married next week. Just rode around most of eve. Saw Don Ferrill -- just got home. Had a little talk and I feel much better. Parked near Oreana and Duane & I walked down the road. Was really dark. He's so sweet.

Sat June 9, 1945

Lorene & Lennie's wedding at 6:15. Was wonderful. Lorene really made a beautiful bride. I was kinda nervous but felt so happy. Had lots of fun riding over town. Reception at Gurner's (??). Duane came after me there. Leon & Barb with him. My bouquet was really pretty - roses. That's the kind of wedding I want.

Friday June 8, 1945

"Lennie" & Lorene at bank this morn. Are getting married tomorrow. Really made a darling couple. They took Gen & I out to Gen's house & then to Lennie's aunt's for lunch. Was really swell. Gen's dress really fits me swell. Had more fun. Called Duane this eve. to ask him to wedding. Don't know whether he can go or not.


Thurs June 7, 1945

Lennie getting home this aft. Car out of gas this eve. & Daddy had to come in. I didn't know what was happening. Lorene called this morn. Saw bunch of kids from Argenta at noon. G. Trummel home & in to see me at noon but was gone. J. Rucker called me to get suggestion for Evelyn's birthday present. Duane & I saw "A Song To Remember". Really good but I just couldn't stay awake. Saw Joe & Donna & Dot & Zombie. Dot told me that she thought they were going to get married next wk.

Wed June 6, 1945

Lyn started at bank - filing checks. We kids looked for gown & negligee for Lorene this eve. No luck. Went to sleep at noon. Still driving. Washed hair this eve. Lynette called. Rained.

Tues June 5, 1945

Lorene's last day - going on vacation. Lyn at bank seeing about job. Will probably get it. Duane down about 8:30. Went to the Lincoln & I went to sleep after about 20 min. Was so tired & sleepy this eve. Stayed for only part of show. Ate at Steak N Shake. Really got along swell!! Was in bed by 12:00.


Mon June 4, 1945

Mr. Spooner in hospital so I drove our car. Mother & Charles got troubles straightened out. Am sure glad! Lorene stayed all night with me. Sure had a lot of fun! Thinks maybe I may be her bridesmaid. Sure hope so.

Sun June 3, 1945

Duane called me twice today. Oh, happy day!! Grandma here. Talked to Lyn this aft. She just got home from school. Went with "Dot" and "Zombie". Saw " Irish Eyes Are Smiling". Had a swell time but sorta got mixed-up in som deep talk & I cried. Duane is awfully sweet.

Sat June 2, 1945

Got telephone put in. Pretty busy day. Mother met me after work. She & Charles are having trouble and Mother was up to see Judge Miller. When I got home Mrs. Wallace & cousins from Gary, Ind. here to meet me. "Nean", Barb & Theta (cousin) went to dance with us. Really had gobs of fun. I really like Theta. The whole eve. was really super. The way last night should have been. Harriet married today.