Tues Aug 7, 1945

Kinda disgusted at Dorothy & Evelyn. Don't always do their share. Duane called this eve. & came down. Was surprised - felt lots better. Had fun just acting silly. Let him read some of my diary of 2 yrs ago. Left at 12:00. Oh, I love him!!

Mon Aug 6, 1945

Gee, I'm tired. Didn't get to bed till 1:30 this morn. Went down to pay on Duane's I.D. bracelet at noon. Sure lonesome. Folks in town. Pressed some clothes. Evelyn got letter. Lorene's brother home.


Sun Aug 5, 1945

Went to picnic at Weldon Springs with Allen Jones, Helen Crabtree, Evelyn M., & C. Stoutenborough. Most fun in ages. Went swimming & row-boat riding. Jeepers - more fun!! While eating started raining - really poured. All got soaked. Went to Decatur to show. Saw "Thunderhead". Swell! Had to go clear back to Maroa after car. Golly, we had fun! All the kids swell. Duane sweet.

Sat Aug 4, 1945

Off about 3:00. Picked Grandma up & took Dorothy & Evelyn home. Slept couple hrs. Felt good. Duane & I had a grand time tonight. Went to Illini. Danced some fast pieces & Duane enjoyed it too. Was talking about Mary Louise. Got home about 12:30.

{ Mary Louise was grandpa's sister. Not sure how old she was or if she had passed away yet at this time. She died young. If anyone could clarify this, I would appreciate it! Thanks! }

Fri Aug 3, 1945

Evelyn, Lyn, & I ate supper together. Evelyn, Lorene, & I worked. Really busy. Off at 8:45. Lorene came home with me. Some man backed into car. Broke light & bent bumper. Lorene & I talked till pretty late. Was swell talking to her again.


Thurs Aug 2, 1945

Got letter from Wayne Morgan. Cute. Really felt crazy today. We girls had fun. Duane came about 9:00. Went to Argenta for awhile. Laid out in yd on blanket. Had a little fuss - my fault. Went to sleep with arms around each other. When woke up I thought I was in heaven or something. Was a wonderful feeling.

Wed Aug 1, 1945

26 mo. "steady". "Gen" & I ate lunch with Barb & bunch of other girls from Arg. 4-H Achievement Day. We went down to Masonic Temple to see exhibit. Got pictures of Barb & Darlene Malone. Washed my hair, ironed, took bath. Hank Duncan & Mother here. Lorene home sick - cramps.