Sat Aug 4, 1945

Off about 3:00. Picked Grandma up & took Dorothy & Evelyn home. Slept couple hrs. Felt good. Duane & I had a grand time tonight. Went to Illini. Danced some fast pieces & Duane enjoyed it too. Was talking about Mary Louise. Got home about 12:30.

{ Mary Louise was grandpa's sister. Not sure how old she was or if she had passed away yet at this time. She died young. If anyone could clarify this, I would appreciate it! Thanks! }

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Lori Wallace Wray said...

Mary Louise was born blind and deaf in 1933, I think? When she was still a toddler, I think, she was stricken with polio that left her paralized on one side of her body. She went to live in the "state hospital" in Lincoln when she was about 10 and lived there the rest of her life. She died in 1966 at the age of 33. (Your Aunt Susan, Duane's daughter, worked there in later years and found her medical records which said that she died of a diabetic coma.) Grandma Wallace used to go visit her weekly, I think. My dad (Jack, Duane's youngest sibling) doesn't remember her living at home, as she went to live at the hospital before he was born. Hope this helps!

Lori (Wallace) Wray