Tues Mar 27, 1945

Had another round with Virginia this aft. Duane came about 8:00. Stayed home awhile (folks gone). Then went to town. Took a walk by the lake, ate and then back home. Starter (?) stuck and car had to be pushed & had flat tired when Duane got ready to leave here. Left about 1:30. Golly, tonight was really wonderful! Had such a swell time & Duane was so sweet.

Mon Mar 26, 1945

Warm but windy. Herb told me my vacation to be July 6-22 but may be changed. Wrote to Duane at noon & Evelyn to Jack. Called Duane this eve. Over talking to Edna awhile. Charles Amacher home. Would sure like to see him.


Wordless Wednesday ~ Bathing Beauty

grandma looking fabulous in her bathing suit . . . I am guessing this was taken at Decatur Lake in the middle 40's

{Wordless Wednesday is something I participate in at my blog, Purple Valley, and thought since I've got some fabulous pictures of grandma & grandpa, that this would be a great way to share with all. You can see more WW photos at 5 Minutes for Mom. Check out my friend, Amanda, as she always showcases old photos of her family's from around the same time as Grandma's Diary.}


Sun Mar 25, 1945

Got letter from Duane. He really wants to go into Service. Rained part of day. Helped Daddy mow yard this aft. Had late dinner. Duane and John Rucker here a while in morn. Duane came about 6:00 & we saw "Till We Meet Again." Real good. Ate at Park Inn. Had sorta bad eve. Was mostly my fault, I guess. Cried & really felt awful.

Sat Mar 24, 1945

Evelyn got letter from Jack yesterday. Virginia really threw us off in about an hour she was here this morn. Out to Mother's in aft. She pinned up my Easter dress. We took Carl Riley & Mary with us tonight. Saw "Together Again". Not so good. Had pretty good time. Willard here about 1:00. Wanted me to meet his girl but wouldn't do it. Had on pajamas.