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Really quick. . .

I have been featured at a site called 5 Minutes for Mom, which is a big site in the motherhood world, "bringing moms the best in blogging, shopping, parenting and entertainment". What I really love about it is that it's a Christian site, and the two girls that run it are not only moms, but stay-at-home moms with small businesses (and blogs) like me! Anyway, please take time to look at the article and then roam the site. (I love it there. I even got Anissa to be a part of a the group!) I'm just really flattered and I think grandma and grandpa both would be as well knowing that even more of the world is getting to know a little more about them . . . and more about all of us. They both would be tickled to death.

By the way, if you go to the sidebar column here at Grandma's Diary, near the bottom of it you will find a world map. The red dots on it show where all the visitors who read the blog are from. I didn't start the map until this past week, so we're missing a thousand or so visitors, but for now on it should keep good track. I find it pretty interesting so I wanted to point that out and share it with you.


Looking back some more . . .

[I'm going out of town for a few days . . . so in the meantime, down memory lane with more pictures . . . I'll be back next week, so check in then! ~ Val]

Is this grandpa's car? I thought his was cream, this does not look cream to me? Maybe his daddy's car?

Not sure where this was taken? Possibly Niagra Falls? Anyone know?

Isn't this a great one of grandpa? Boy, was he handsome! (And still handsome when I last saw him . . . but wow, look at him here . . . that smile . . . one I will never ever forget . . . Been missing you, grandpa, a lot and thinking about you a lot. I think it's because my birthday is upon us and you never ever forgot me . . . I'm still waiting on a card in the mail from you this year. Love you, one of your "girls", Valerie )

Sat Feb 24, 1945

[Grandma's Birthday today]Got off early - 2:00. Went to Victory & came home with Daddy. Got beautiful bracelet from Dorothy & Evelyn, "Singing Rain" ordered by Lorene, housecoat from Daddy & Ruth, and blouse from Judy & Buddy. Duane came after me before he went home. Spent the eve. at his house. Had fun. New car really swell but having a little trouble with it. Duane got me 8 piece Richard Hudnut (can't read her writing?) make-up kit in leather case. Really nice & do I like it! But I love him more. Had a swell birthday.


Fri Feb 23, 1945

Not as busy as thought would be. Evelyn & I worked tonight. Stayed all night at Mother's. Duane called me 4 times today - twice tonight. He got a car tonight. Boy, is he ever happy! - and me, too!! It's a 1939 Ford Tudor - cream colored. Can hardly wait to see it. Mother and I went to Luetta's awhile after work. Duane is getting so sweet.

Grandpa and that beautiful new car which he was so proud of!
Posted once already, I know. I need toget to scanning some more!