Thurs Feb 8, 1945

Still haven't heard from "Gen". Stayed at Mother's. Washed my hair. Called Duane. He really sounded wonderful!! Said had a letter at home. Mother & I sat around & listened to the radio. Duane is feeling better (he said).

Wed Feb 7, 1945

Snowed, rained, & damp all day. Finished Letter to Duane at noon. Bought more Valentine's for kids in service, & lipstick. Got letters from Duane & "Zombie". Our car being worked on in Decatur. Wrote to Duane. Golly, I'm lonesome.

Tues Feb 6, 1945

Bought Valentine's after work. Duane called me. Has the flu & has been at home so won't see him for a while. Darn it anyhow! Ironed, pressed, & wrote to Duane. Gosh, Fri night is a long way off & maybe won't get to see Duane then.