Wordless Wednesday ~ Beautiful Young Grandma

For Wordless Wednesday, more photos of grandma as a little girl. Do you ever wonder what colors people are wearing in old photos? I always picture grandma in pink dresses because that was her favorite color. :)

There is no way I can go absolute "wordless" with photos that speak as much as these do. I can't help but notice little things like in the photo above . . . the brick road, the huge metal basket on the front of the big bike . . .
And then look at this one . . . the car in background . . . are they on a picnic, at the lake, beach? And the man standing in front of that car, that is her "Daddy". Makes me smile. She loved him so much.

Fri Mar 30, 1945

Good Friday. Bank closed but worked from 8:00-9:30. Dorothy, Evelyn & I went to Springfield on bus. Rained. Went to show. Saw "Roughly Speaking". Really swell. Didn't find much of anything. Got pr. pants. Stayed all night at Mother's. Washed hair.

Thurs Mar 29, 1945

Duane & I took Charles & June with us tonight. Went to show. Saw "Three is a Family". Fair. Ate at Park Inn & sat in front of June's house till 12:25. Pretty late. Had a pretty good time. Charles doesn't seem to have changed a bit.

Wed Mar 28, 1945

Didn't feel so good today. Ordered corsage for Mother. Don got his draft call the other day. We kids are going to miss him. Golly, it's really swell today - so warm. Girls at bank having party for Janice Butt & Mary Vee B. Harris but didn't go.