Sat July 7, 1945

Grandma here this eve. Daddy met me after work this aft. Took nap. Duane called & came down about 8:45. Went to Illini. Talked to Eddie M. Saw Evelyn & John. Had good time. Duane tired & me, too. Left about 10:30. Ate & to Mother's for night. Duane left about 12:00.

Fri July 6, 1945

My hearts still singing today but gee, I'm lonesome. Gen & I got invitation for Lorene's shower. Evelyn & I worked tonight -- Lorene, too. Went with Wanda after work to see dress she'd picked up. Daddy, Ruth, & kids met me.

Thurs July 5, 1945

Another busy day. Lorene got letter but he still wasn't in Calif. Wanda, "Gen", & I bought Lorene's dishes - gifts from girls of bank. Got letter from Jack Groves. Pressed some clothes. All I've been able to think about today has been Duane & the things he said last night. I'm afraid to be so happy.