Wed June 13, 1945

Zombie & John R. at Wallace's a while in eve. Got card from Jack Groves. Duane came up to to bank at noon. Told him about Pete. Got kinda mad but got over it & called me back. Met me after work & I went home with him for the eve. Had such a perfect time. He is so wonderful!! And so are his family! Had quite a talk. Was telling me about his "dark" past. Very interesting . . .

Tues June 12, 1945

Called Evelyn. Sure got tired sitting today. Talked to Geneva Reed at noon. Saw Dot & Zombie at noon. Getting married Thurs. Duane called this eve. to say he couldn't come down. Then called later to talk. Pete Westerman came down and asked me for date. That beats all!! Rained. Our car broke down last night. Having new motor put in.

Mon June 11, 1945

Evelyn on vacation this wk. Don in Proof. What a day - really busy!! Lorene called this afternoon. She's swell. Folks in town this eve. Ironed & pressed clothes. Bill Parr is supposed to be home the 20th.


{Pieces of our past}

I have not posted anything in a long long time. I wanted to be able to post new pictures and memorabilia before I added entries since it's been so long since I've had any new pictures to share. So finally I sat down, reconnected my scanner and made time. Enjoy all these amazing pieces of our history. I still can't believe how grandma, and then grandpa, held onto these things, but I am so so so thankful they did.

First of all, in lieu of Valentine's Day which I am about 3 weeks late for (!), here are some old Valentines that I came across. How precious are these?!

And also in lieu of Valentine's Day, here is a love letter I found from grandma to grandpa. I am assuming it is from their senior year of high school as she says at the end of the letter that she was writing it during trig. (Please click on it to view it more clearly.)

I found this pay stub of grandpa's when he worked for the coal company. He worked 78 hours for very little pay. Wow, I can't believe how hard he worked for so little money. Now I see even more why he was always such a hard worker. (Please click on it to see it in full detail.)

And here is that hard-working very handsome man. I am guessing this may be his high school graduation picture??

{More posts with more pictures in the coming days!}