Sun May 6, 1945

Swell day. Washed some clothes & ironed. Grandma here. Duane came about 6:30. Saw "To Have & Have Not". Pretty good. Saw Evelyn & John at Park Inn. Got along swell till got home. Duane was tired (took cattle to Pennfield this morn) & I don't know what was w rong with me but evidently something.

Sat May 5, 1945

Went to Mother's after work. Duane, John, Evelyn & I went to Illini. Out to Nelson Park first. Boys wouldn't go so Evelyn & I went walking. Duane got in my purse & made me mad. He really felt bad about it later. Evelyn & I dressed alike - wore new pinafores. Duane said was cute. Drove Duane's car in town so came home by ourselves. Got in about 1:00.

Fri May 4, 1945

Evelyn & I worked tonight. John & Duane met us. Went to Steak n Shake to eat. Got so mad at Duane. Even got out of car & cried -- I was so mad. It was a silly thing to do, but got everything straightened out & rest of eve. was swell. It really got John -- I don't think he's ever seen a girl cry before. I love Duane so much!

Thurs May 3, 1945

Jackie Mc called me this morn. about V-12 dance. Called Duane & talked to him about it but I knew he didn't want to go very much so I guess we won't. Wrote a letter to "Zombie". Has rained all day. Pinned up hem in Ruth's dress this eve. To bed early for a change.