Sat Feb 3, 1945

Pretty busy day but got off about 2:30. Evelyn, Dorothy & I sat at lake & talked till 4:45. Kinda fun. "Gen" called Dorothy's sister when she got there so guess she's all right but wish we'd hear from her. Didn't do much of anything tonight. Pretty tired. Grandma here for week-end. W.E. Duncan's here. Willard got new teeth.

Fri Feb 2, 1945

Stayed all night at Mother's. Duane called & wanted me to come to his aunt's - so I did. His folks there a while. Duane wanted to see about car but was already sold. Was pretty disappointed. Had a swell time. Mother had club. In bed by 11:30.


I have to throw this in for fun because it's just SO FUN. Anissa took this picture at our last family Christmas gathering. These are grandma's children - my dad, Bill, my aunt, Susan, and my uncle, Jerry. I absolutely love this picture! I think both grandma and grandpa alike would love it as well.