Tues June 26, 1945

Finished letter to Duane this noon. Bill Parr at bank this aft. Really looks swell. Seems about the same. Dot & Zombie leaving this aft. Caterpillar workers voted on strike today. Don't know answer yet. Ruth canning peas. Ironed.

Mon June 25, 1945

Saw Priscella S. yesterday. Said Mary is coming home next month. Can hardly wait. "Zombie" & "Dot" here this eve. to say good-bye. Leaving tomorrow. Cried - just couldn't help it. Called Duane. Said wouldn't be down till Thurs. night. Said would tell me why later. Gee, I'm lonesome.

Sun June 24, 1945

At Mother's last night. Girls at beach again today from 12:00 till 4:00. Really got a sun-tan. Had Judy in aft. Saw Mrs. Wallace. Went to Evelyn's house this eve. to wait. Duane & Johnny came at 8:15. Sat on blanket out in park. Got along swell!!! Duane's been so tired. He's been working awfully late & hard. Lennie got home last night. He & Lorene at beach to see us this aft. They're such a wonderful couple. Gen & I cried when left.

Sat June 23, 1945

Light day for Sat. Got through about 1:50. Bunch of girls to beach. Didn't tan much. Took Dorothy & Paul with us to Illini. Left early. Dot, Zombie, Joe & Donna there just before we left. Ate at Steak n Shake. Had quite a feud. Duane really told me off & I deserved it! Cried & things were better when he left.