Tues Aug 14, 1945

The war is over! News came through at 6:00 p.m. Duane & John Rucker came down. Went to town. Everyone celebrating. I've never seen anything like it - the crowds & the noise. It's all so wonderful! I get a lump in my throat every time I think about it. Got Jackie's picture for Mrs. Wallace. Talked to Evelyn, Marsh and Helen Crabtree. Mother & Charles' wedding anniversary. Duane didn't feel very good. Went to last show. Saw "It's a Pleasure". Grand. At Mother's till eve.

{ From online:

Emperor Hirohito announces the Japan defeat to his people. Japan accepts an unconditional surrender. The fear of more atomic weapon attacks and the certainty of land defeat by the Soviets have combined to secure the complete surrender.

Mon Aug 13, 1945

Tired. Got to bed about 1:00 this morn. Went up & got Jackie's picture. Mrs. Wallace came down after it. Edwin's sick. Daddy had bad headache. Folks in town. Ironed. Got card for Mother & Charles.

Sun Aug 12, 1945

Up about 9:00. Played with "Jackie". Am planning surprise party for Duane next Sun. Had lots of fun but didn't do much. Had best fried chicken. They're all so swell to me. I just feel as if I belong. John R. here in aft. Decided to go to show. Had just stopped at home when Duane called. Got home early. Said didn't have much fun. Saw "Dragon Seed". Very good. Tonight was wonderful. It's a beautiful feeling to be in love & to be loved!

Sat Aug 11, 1945

Got off work about 2:30. Went out to Mother's, then home. Wallaces after me at 8:30. Just poured. We girls went to Illini. Had fun but missed Duane. Danced most of time with Nean. Lyn & Marsh girls there. Dance with Frances Traylor (?). Nean & I went to sleep about 1:30. They're all so wonderful!! J. Rucker here for few minutes.

Fri Aug 10, 1945

Well, I guess "my honey" is on his way o Chicago by now. Golly, I'm going to miss him! Evelyn crying. She really likes Jack. Washed hair this eve. Folks in town. Car out of gas this eve. Pushed to station. Japs wanting to surrender. Waiting for news all day.

Thurs Aug 9, 1945

Felt bad this morn. Tummy-ache. Gen & I slept at noon. Felt better. Duane & I to Argenta this eve. Talked to lot of kids. Then had to talk about going to Chicago, of course. Duane and I had quite a talk about John R. He isn't sure he wants to farm. Had a swell eve. Went to sleep in car. In at 12:40.

{ found this online about the war:

A second atomic bomb is dropped, this time on Nagasaki. This one is more sophisticated but has a slightly less damaging impact. Even 50, 40,000 people are killed and the same immediacy of carnage is evident. President Truman announces that more bombs will follow if the Potsdam Declaration is not accepted though, in fact, he hasn't any more to use. The Japanese Supreme Council convenes to agree to the Allies' demands rovided the monarchy can be allowed to survive. Hesitancy, from some of ie military, is personally dispelled by the Emperor. By now the Soviets have followed up their declaration of war by massing to move against the Japanese forces in Manchuria. More air and sea bombardment of Japanese islands and the mainland ikes place. }

Wed Aug 8, 1945

Surprise!! - Dorothy P. has diamond. Is beautiful! Seems so happy. "Gen" & I were looking at rings a Cook's. Saw one I just love. Lot of good it does me though. Can dream though. Got letter from Jack Graves. Met Lorene's brother & sister-in-law. Cute couple. Luther & Hank Duncan's here.