Fri Mar 16, 1945

Decatur beat Galesburg tonight in a very exciting game. Won 73-72. Got Easter dress outfit & hat today. Really a swell letter. Duane came home unexpectedly this eve. Is going to Champaign tomorrow & won't be down. Had a fuss to begin with - as usual. Had a wonderful time the rest of the eve. Just went riding but was really swell. Decided we're pretty darn dumb for quarreling so much. That won't stop us though.

Grandpa (middle), grandma (right) and Helen Crabtree. {thank you, Tisha, for letting me know!}


Nadine said...

Erin directed me to this blog. I love the idea of this blog...totally unique and interesting.

lil ole' me..... said...

Funny how we quarrel isn't it? We know is dumb, but we still do it.... Was a great observation by your Grandma! :)