Wordless Wednesday ~ "Daddy"

Grandma's daddy who she talks about quite often in her diary.


AnnaLiza said...

wonderfully timeless.
thanks! happy WW!

tegdirb92 said...

great shot! Happy WW!

MP said...

I found your site thru the bloggie awards..I couldn't stop reading. I started at the beginning..I can't wait til he finally proposes! How long to Grandma's diary run, through their marriage?

I wish my Nana had a diary, she taught in a one room schoolhouse near Addieville IL then moved to St Louis..her parents were Riverboat capitains..and she married into a family w/ American Indians from Duquoin, IL..SO much history.
I don't know if your grandma is still alive..either way I'm sure she is proud of you.

Jen said...

he looks like a very grand man

Joe Plummer said...

Hi Val, great picture of a great man who fathered a wonderful woman you and I both knew as Grandma Shirley. I think she was on my side yesterday while I was having surgery, because everthing went perfect.
I made it back home from my surgery today and all went well. I have some pictures on my blog if you are interested in seeing where they had to make the incisions in the front of my neck. It seems so wild to have had this surgery. I felt like I had a band of angels watching over me the whole time though. When I went into the operating room I just felt so much inner peace and left it in Gods hands. Just like Grandma would have done. I sure do miss her and Grandpa a bunch.